before the ice cream blitz of 2013, initiated in maine, where a daily serving of homemade creamy love became as ritualistic as teeth-brushing, hunkiest and i were doing well on the nutrition wagon.

afterlight (13)

we were eating 100% organic produce and turning our first world noses up at processed food.

in fact, even on vacation we made it a priority to still maintain this regimen; save for the sometimes double doses of mint chip.

buying vegetables and fruits from the actual organic, residential farms was a new and delicious experience for us.

afterlight (11)

cruising our rent-a-car into someone’s backyard was color me rad!

it didn’t get much more farm-to-table than this.

afterlight (12)

the blueberries, seconds-ago picked off the bush, actually tasted more dessert worthy than ice cream.

afterlight (14)

onions in their most natural form tasted apple-like they were so sweet.

afterlight (9)

and i’m so embarrassed to admit this, but never in my life have i eaten a carrot looking like this. my carrots, even the bagged, organic ones from the store, have always had the exact same shape, color, size, and taste. the ignorant dumb girl within me didn’t think about how strange it is to have carrots assembly line perfect.

i had been so missing out on the nuanced flavor of REAL, unprocessed carrots.


well this weekend, things got REAL for us too.

my thighs have been writing checks my pants can’t cash.

and hunkiest keeps patting his tummy for good-luck.

things had to change.

we reverted back to our local grown, farmers market ways, and we couldn’t feel better.

it astounds me how much better food tastes when there are less machines, people, and transportation involved.

the salad i made last night with this green-leaf lettuce needed only a touch of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

i felt like a gourmand eating a dish so delicious.


the ultimate in satisfaction: the honey crisp apples, in season now, are at their sublime ratio of candy-like and tart.

we mowed them down, competition like.

the best part of this post is that i’m writing to you, this morning, not feeling like a tired, bloated, beached hippo.

healthy nutrition is truly the best medicine.