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i’ve mentioned it before; i am gaga for turmeric, that sweet, but cheeky indian spice that is touted as the new super food spice.

turmeric, a cousin to the ginger family, is known to decrease inflammation both inside and outside the body. doctors have found this super spice actually blocks some cancers in the neck and head, inhibits melanoma and the spread of breast cancer to the lungs, and fights the free radicals of all cancer cells in general.

researchers also believe the low instance of alzheimer’s disease in certain parts of india is attributed to the regular consumption of this anti-inflammatory super hero.


peppery with a hint of mustard, turmeric is delicious on all vegetables, meats {if you eat them,} and my favorite: scrambled eggs.

my favorite ritual wellness juice is the spicy greens with turmeric, -at least twice a week i chug this blend of sweet and tangy.

recently i decided to formulate my own turmeric-ade, and i can’t guzzle them down fast enough; it’s perfect for the girl who hates to drink plain water.

friends and students have been asking me about this new orange cooler so i’m sharing my homemade recipe for my tonic o’turmeric.


just like cassie, i’m obsessed with the prettiness of voss water bottles.

this IS my eco-water bottle. i’ve had it for over a year now, and it’s the only one i don’t lose.

it’s the perfect size and seals tight; even after round and round in the dishwasher.

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first i sprinkle in around a teaspoon or more of turmeric. i LOVE the taste so, for me, the more spice the better.

if you’re not a curry or cumin fan you may want to add less.


next i squeeze an organic lime or two; getting all of the juice out. i recommend using a lemon reamer. the more lime juice you use, the less turmeric taste.

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it makes for a mighty strong concentrate, it looks pretty if you ask me.


fill it to the top with water {filtered preferably,} and boom! you’ve got yourself one hell of a healthy cocktail!

bottoms up!