March 25, 2010

really now? 33 years old and i have the skin for junior prom.

i rid myself of the coffee.


ditched dairy…….for a day.

i’ve had every peel, potion, and prescription known to cameron diaz.

i still wake up with meth face.

i’m hoping all this blotchy rudiness will translate into delayed onset wrinkle entrenchment (d.o.w.e.)

i must say both parents and both sets of aunts benefit from d.o.w.e.

the japanese-irish clans have fared well with their whiskey/sake elixirs.

as of today i’m relying on kate sommerville. i was promised her new product would do “wonders” for me.

i have enjoyed her spa clinic, and her quench serum is definitely the bee’s knees for rendering faces fetching and fancy.

i’ll be back with the results.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed.

  • Try this for three weeks and it will work…

    Refined Sugars
    Sodium Laurel Sulfates (toxic and irritating foaming agent in cosmetics and toiletries)


    Lots of:
    Green Tea
    Sex – Seriously
    Exercise – No prob for you!
    Serene Thoughts

  • Your meth face and my shingles scars should get together for a laser peel someday.

    Good luck!

  • My dear, you cannot just give up dairy for a day. Dairy gives me worse than meth face and even one slip into something heavenly and creamy brings acne galore. It doesn't matter what expensive product goes on my face, as long as dairy is gone, I can put anything on it and it will be fine.

  • Katie you weave words like no other. Cameron Diaz…ha! I wish I had d.o.w.e.; I was thinking I was the bees knees for wrinkle delay until I turned 50. Then it was like my face said, 'we'd better catch-up'. I've never tried Katie S. products, now you've peaked my interest. Your not old enough for the menopausal acne. Have you had your hormones tested? Actually I know nothing!

    Be well and keep us laughing. xxoo

  • I'm reading this and smiling because I'm thinking it's probably nothing so drastic. It always feels awful when someone with beautiful skin has a flare-up. Recently I had one & freaked out b/c I'm supposed to be a beauty editor–it happens. It finally calmed down when I switched to an ultra-heavy moisturizer (I know, counter-intuitive) and just went away. If it hasn't been going on for a super long time, it may not be your diet – just a thought, lord knows how one gives up dairy! 🙂

  • OH! I went to NM and bought $750 worth of Kate. I got home and freaked out…returned it all. Why would I spend so much on 6 things?? How is it working for you?

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