really now? 33 years old and i have the skin for junior prom.

i rid myself of the coffee.


ditched dairy…….for a day.

i’ve had every peel, potion, and prescription known to cameron diaz.

i still wake up with meth face.

i’m hoping all this blotchy rudiness will translate into delayed onset wrinkle entrenchment (d.o.w.e.)

i must say both parents and both sets of aunts benefit from d.o.w.e.

the japanese-irish clans have fared well with their whiskey/sake elixirs.

as of today i’m relying on kate sommerville. i was promised her new product would do “wonders” for me.

i have enjoyed her spa clinic, and her quench serum is definitely the bee’s knees for rendering faces fetching and fancy.

i’ll be back with the results.

fingers, toes, eyes crossed.