friday merriest to you m’loves.

another wonderful week is coming to a close.

did you spend it well? were you true to your self, did you live with a kind heart and a clean tongue?

i’m proud to say i did…{well, profanity aside}.

i hope you’re feeling fulfilled as well.

here are a few weekend wishes for you, and links to a few of my favorite fixations.

i wish you a weekend filled of rest and intermission; a respite for you to dream in giant, rainbow-colored fancies.

i’m hoping the only raging waters you encounter are the splashing waves of long, drawn out baths taken early in the evening before a deep, restful sleep.

lately, i’ve been throwing these into the tub, cranking this on full blast, and meditation unfolds.

oh promise me, my dears, you’ll play this weekend; somewhere, somehow find a way to put the silly in your day.

a belly laugh here, a giggle there; stir your soul with a little bit of smile.

this had me howling earlier in the week….

even though my job is very vocal and talkative, at times i dream of going for weeks without saying one, single word.

on my time off i must find solitude. quiet. i need to re-charge and tap into what fulfills me most.

i’m reading a fascinating new book that’s making me feel a little less like a freak for not always wanting to be miss social butterfly.

here’s to you finding some alone time to re-center and re-focus.

oh, and one more thing, happy easter m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday.