last night i was steeped in deep glamor. scoring an invite from my always-in-the-fashion-mix friend, the stunning mary jo matsumoto, i headed up to los angeles for my first fashion’s night out

the dress called for one’s favorite little black dress. my current obsession with 90’s supermodels had me channeling the iconic francesco scavullo cover for cosmopolitan where a baby cindy crawford accesses her inner jessica rabbit. 

whilst i lack the breasts, the legs, the smoldering sex appeal, and the face-although i did have a matching mole, same shape, size, place and color up until college when i had it removed, what i do have is a low-cut, black sleeveless dress. one of 2,000 cindy crawford traits? even if it was an old theory dress from 6 years ago, and once on, resembled more like cindy crawford’s 12-year-old son, presley, i still felt vampy.

those of you on instagram and twitter saw some of the fun go down. we were constantly updating pics from the night. 

here’s what didn’t make the instagram:

oh the prep. i apologize in advance if, in addition to water scarcity throughout the country, after last night there is a concealer shortage. you can instagram the cha-cha out of most things, but not the circles underneath my tired eyes. thank you RMS.

the essentials: koh gen doh aqua foundation, urban decay vintage eyeshadow in toasted {the best eyeshadow in the world!} the urban decay naked palette 2, my cheeks were the perfect pink with my girl misha’s amazing make-up line, looking glass cosmetics; her orgasm blush and revamp gloss are staples on this face. and the piece-de-resistance, urban decay again {hello fabulous?!?!} their supercurl curling mascara is literally my holy grail.

holy hair batman! i was going for cindy crawford, and unfortunately it was more like tommy lee. 

like i said dress and shoes were just black. although i did add a daiquiri of pearls, black leather, chains and spikes around one wrist, but for the most i kept things simple.

my ensemble arrived when mary jo lent me her wilde foldover clutch. it was the perfect bag for party hopping: carried my phone, my keys, my gloss, cash, id….

i received so many compliments on it. that shock of blue looks so sharp and cool against the black, and feels amazing to the touch. i had to not let people pet it.

speaking of parties, hervé léger on the top, and kelly wearstler on bottom. la’s most fashion forward {um this is LA so we’ll do that with glossy lenses} were definitely out on melrose. i kept true to my spending freeze, although all saints, ralph lauren and DVF tested my iron will.

here we are being silly in the ultra-fabulous kelly wearstler powder room. i think it was a powder room? maybe a dressing room. it was my 1970’s fantasy: gilded mirrors from floor to ceiling, black and white checkerboard floors, giant homo-erotic, baroque figurines all over….cue the disco music and abandonment.

two of the highlights of my evening…..watermelon mint raw juices from presssed juicery as an alternative to the flowing champagne and margaritas…AND my bon mots nail polish. we’ve talked about this polish crush before. but although this is a terrible photo, i love that i don’t have to go to the “salon” with this polish. it looks great without a top coat, and you never have to have a perfect looking manicure for it to look chic.

 it was a late night by katie standards. but so worth it. i will be catching up on zzzz’s this weekend. what’s on your weekend planner?

oh, and i’m often asked why i tweet/instagram, etc so much lately? what’s the fun in it?

 mainly because i just like to see what my friends are doing, etc. i’m not at a desk all day where i can catch a quick phone chat here or there, in fact, phone calls are pretty much forbidden everywhere i work. and meeting for lunch or coffee is pretty much out of the question sadly. so i like to check in here and there. and when i do have a free time, i like to catch up on sleep. 

but i must say the REAL reason i pursue social media is for emails like this: 

you know me, always open to new friends.

weekend happy to you m’loves.