i anticipated to awake in a rage. fists in the air, ready to scrap with puppies, the elderly, the angels, and whomever else wanted to butter my hurting heart.


that bastard cancer has devoured another loved one. and, AGAIN, last week i received the infuriating news that one of my idols, truly a girl-crush {though yet to be featured on gni..soon hopefully} has been diagnosed with breast cancer. 


but to my surprise, maybe it was that wild, racous night of handstands and wicked vinyasas in my dreams, led by my glorious laura, i awakened with a hopeful, healed, and optimistic heart. 


i’m typically a hater on this day of candied, talking-hearts, sparse, rogaine-thirsty bouquets, and scrimpy pre-fixe menus. but today is a new day. it’s a new world. 

fragility isn’t just a term for self-medicating, chardonnay moms {or cupcake bingeing pilates instructors.} life is too dear to keep driving on the highway to unhappy.


screw the forced romance in the central air you cheeky monkeys! who says it has to be all sonnets and matching tattoos. pucker up big boy, i’m coming in for a kiss, and it’s not because i want to have your baby! 


i’m getting all ooey-gooey on yo’ ass because it’s how i feel! it’s how i roll! and because it’s a martha-effing-stewart-good-thing!


so long sad! you’ve had your time at the podium. now is the era of uplift and merrymaking. my soul invites you to a picnic. we’re serving kisses & hugs sandwiches.

happy valentine’s day m’loves!

~my friend laura is exactly who the money for my cycle for survival ride goes to; she fought a rare blood cancer. thank you all who have contributed and passed along the information. even the smallest donations mean so much.