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i’ve missed you.

i am back from my vacation, and cannon-balling smack into the middle of this deep end, called life.

this weekend i worked with a fantastic crew as i shot videos and ads for

vitagoods is a company who supports healthy living; they have a wide range of uber-cool and useful products to promote and support a healthful lifestyle.

they’re NOT paying me write or say this…but i did love all of their products….that hasn’t always been the case…hello fox searchlight.

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keeping camera ready for nine straight hours took its toll.

thank you urban decay.

my naked palette2 and naked skin liquid high-definition makeup proved itself under the hot lights and HDR {aka extremely ruthless} photography. i guarantee you it was a man who invented this unforgiving digital form of photography.

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i’m a major sucker for a teleprompter. this baby was kourtney to my lamar.

we all could use a little teleprompting in our lives….nothing like a pre-edit to keep you out of sticky situations…#byebyeTMI

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kraft services gone fancy!

this espresso machine and i formed a deep, lasting, carnal bond.

i want the sound of ground beans as my new white noise setting on my bedside clock.

the whir and crunch works like a temple massage to my tension headaches.

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here i am getting caught taking one of my hundreds of espresso breaks.

a long day made manageable and fun courtesy of caffeine and lovely people.

thank you vitagoods for a great shoot.

monday happy to you m’loves.