October 10, 2011

it’s that time of year! my favorite time of year. time to get the body back in its natural flow, time to get the muck and the mire out, and the green and goodness in.

it’s time to ritual cleanse.

delivered directly to your doorstep, ritual cleanse is a unique daily, organic juice cleanse designed to reset your body by “flooding the cells with vitamins and minerals that gently cleanse and detox your body without the harsh symptoms associated with other cleanses.”

although you may customize days and juices, hunkiest and i always go for the 3 day cleanse. we feel three days gives us the best benefits for the body {his sugar addictions} and for the mind {my food obsessions}.

the mental clarity and mood lifting are my favorite remnants of ritual cleanse.

because we both workout so much we opt for the extra pre & post shred juices.

we’re silly excited over the seasonal juice of pear ginger. YUM!!!

already, he’s done with his green-lemon of the day.

i love everything about this company. their bottles are all biodegradable. so are their delivery bags which i now predominantly use as my grocery bags {and to be honest sometimes my purse}. the cold packs used to keep the juices cool also are non-toxic and re-usable.

i have to emphasize the organic, raw nature of these juices; pure, unadulterated fruits and vegetables only!!

there are other juice companies promoting similar cleanses, but ritual cleanse is the ONLY one in town with 100% organic produce.

side note, if you ever want to buy single juices {like me}, villa pilates and yoga sells them. you can come, take a class with me, and share a ritual cleanse juice after!

i pretty much spend my paycheck on ritual cleanses and stuff in the cute boutique at villa pilates and yoga. {worth every penny.}

this is not lip service m’loves. i’m an addict for these juices. please feel free to message me if you’re thinking about the cleanse, but a bit hesitant because it may be a new adventure for you.

healthy monday to you!

  • does it come in bacon or french fry flavor?

  • i'm going to do it. i've been wanting to for some time now, and the excuses of $ or 'right time' are just not cutting it.

    • goodniteirene

      let me know when you\’re going to do it miss melissa! they are certainly the best!!

  • Wow. I just so admire you. I don't think I could do a juice cleanse — I'd get WAY too cranky. That said, maybe I'll still try it. And can I tell you how much I love all those bottles of Ritual Cleanse in the fridge right about the wine bottles. So perfect.

    • goodniteirene

      you could SO do it miss brandi….the juices are delicious. and they do permit you to eat raw avocados or raw cashews here and there if you are absolutely ravenous…

  • I understand the value of a juice cleanse….I appreciate the organic nature…but is it just me….but $240 dollars for 6 bottles of juice??? $40 a bottle? Does anyone else think that is a bit……OVERPRICED? Maybe I missed the list for the magic ingredients?

  • This sounds so good! In my golden bridge days everyone did their cleanse – most for one week, the hard core for 30 days -eek. I never made it until I started reading The Green Diet (?) can't remember the name of the book but my dad had to drink green shakes every morning so my whole family started it and it is something i still like to do every so often. Is villa pilates a club or can anyone go?

    xo mary jo

    • goodniteirene

      anyone can come to villa pilates and yoga…it's this wonderful boutique studio on the peninsula. people pay by the class. the yoga is wonderful!! i absolutely love every second i spend at villa. the owner is a friend of mine, and the spirit there is very familial and welcoming. everyone at their own levels and paces; just bringing happy, playful, peaceful energy.
      let me know if you're interested.

  • You've got me REALLY intrigued by this whole cleansing concept. Is there another kind, say that you can pick up at Whole Foods, that you feel is maybe just as good?

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