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so you all know i’m pretty much always on the hunt for the next, new, chart-topping showstopper in the world of detox.

apple cider vinegar, greens, and ginger are my main go-to’s for a healthy, happy tummy.

but for the last few months i’ve added a new instrument in the rock-n-roll band i call digestive sanity: raw sauerkraut.

yes, like apple cider vinegar, it is an acquired taste. but back when i used to eat hot dogs {ah the ignorance of youth,} i would take every chance to condiment the shit out of it said manufactured meat with fistfuls of sauerkraut.

this super-stinky star of a probiotic boosts all the good bacteria we need and want in our guts.

rich in enzymes, fermented foods actually increase the vitamin content of what we eat, and also helps us absorb nutrients.

now if sauerkraut isn’t your jam, you can still reap the benefits of fermented foods via kefir, komboucha, kimchi, salsa, pickles, even ketchup. just try to do it without the hotdog.

happy tummies m’loves.