so sunday, last, i found myself in a predicament not foreign to me: the one where i commit to a major event without scouring the fine print, combing through the details, or in sunday’s case reading my {insert expletive of choice} email.

thinking i had agreed to an outdoor, 3-hour, team-taught, spin-relay: i teach for an hour {mostly just as a warm up,} hand my bike off to another more capable instructor, where i then proceed to a supine position, preferably somewhere shady where for the remaining 2 hours i rest with my coffee and ipad in hand.

i was mistaken.

greeting me upon arrival were THREE instructor bikes, where we all THREE rode as a team…..for THREE hours.

my first marriage didn’t last this long.

but thanks to my encouraging and supportive partners, angela leigh & wes pedersen, and nicole deanda, the manager with the most, none of us ended up in court post-ride.


 coming home i wanted to eat everything in my kitchen, including the vitamix itself.

we know i do not cook.

but i’ll make an exception for my blender; at my house, preparing a smoothie is often the equivalent of me making a soufflé or 6 course meal, both resulting in flying pigs and an ice storm in hell.

hell reported a cold front on sunday afternoon.


in the winter i go big on kale, apples, cucumber, “winter” produce you could call it, but in the summer i like to take advantage of how delicious our blueberries, strawberries, peaches, nectarines and plums taste.

yet i still want the added benefit of a “green” drink, i.e. the vitamins and minerals typically associated with green produce like wheatgrass, spinach, cilantro, parsley, pears, celery, etc.

enter pro-Greens.

pro-Greens is an alkalizing, pro-biotic, organic, super-f00d, dietary supplement. people rave it does everything from lower glucose levels to balancing hormones. 

since reading this post where jane pratt sang the praises of pro-Greens and the effects she sees on her skin, i logged right into and ordered me up a tub of this miracle powder.


i’m officially pro pro-Greens.

a scoop of pro-Greens is now the must-have fixin’ for my daily fruit cocktail.


to be honest, most of the green powder supplements i’ve sampled taste like the floor mat of a sushi bar.

you could add gummi bears and cheesecake, and the smoothie would still smack of blended up goldfish, but not pro-Greens.

if anything i sometimes detect a grandma’s vegetable soup flavor, which isn’t terrible, but doesn’t mesh well with cantaloupe or berries.

one banana and any evidence of green is gone…{wende are you reading this?}


see? it’s even pink and looks pretty too.

you greenies out there! do you ever supplement your drinks? what do you use?

back to spin class, a little head’s up: i’m doing another team-teach class this sunday at equinox newport beach.

just 50 minutes long, my girl samantha marcellino and i will be climbing, sprinting and dancing our heads off at 8am.

all are welcome…message me if you’d like to be my guest.

weekend happy to you m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday…