oh my! don’t you just love open weekends that just melt seamlessly from no plans set, let’s see where the hour takes us to ….well isn’t this delightful and unexpected? this morning i found myself making snow angels lying in bed;  giddy still from our joyful non-events.

i think the weather played a major role in my dreamy weekend. seventy degrees, skies pale blue, just enough clouds to make it girly and scenic.

let me summarize (smile).

the beasts got an outing to the park.

football silliness at the local high school.

a presidential 40 yd field goal kick costing hh to fess up the big dough in a lost bet.

i found my new favorite nail shade.

the MOST beautiful flowers (big, fat peonies!!!!!) delivered to my doorstep

fish taco so delicious, only expletives and moans suffice.

a bubblebath or two. or four or five.

where i finally finished a nice, didn’t suck, book of short stories.

all the while green fiddlehead fragranced the house with tea, clean cut grass, and spearmint.

and as you can tell, i’m back to taking photos again. sadly, alice, at only 3 months old, was on the fritz. a lemon. i had to return her. tamra is her replacement. i’m already attached. tamra the camera is a sassy shot and hasn’t given me any grief since we’ve started courting. i think i’ve found my new dance partner.

happy monday friends!

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