thursday happiest to you my darlings.

i hope you are having a week full of peace, sweetness and a bit of frolic.

today i share with you my latest obsessions, the little happys and pieces of honey which have sparkled up my days of late.

can you say fabulous? or rather “fob”-u-lous. my dear friend mary jo matsumoto has done it AGAIN. first it was her hand bag: my most favorite clutch evah. then THE clothes, of course we’ve all seen the nail polish, my toes are painted a la naked state of mind as i type, and now i have this awesome key fob to add to my ever-growing mary jo matsumoto fetish.

the perfect trinket for keys; not at all heavy, super fun and way cool. i smile every time i pick up keys, and i’m now not losing them as much…

her fobs are available for sale here….

i’m currently going gaga for my friend sally’s gorgeous halsea outdoor canvas poufs.

although i’ve previously eschewed the pouf, i’ll make an exception for these yummy, sunbrella

babies. al fresco entertaining will be happening come summertime.

i can’t wait to wear my new floral neckerchiefs from madewell.

a lei of spring flowers circled ’round to bring out the inner française en moi.

well spring training took a bit of a derailment…

another dear friend, mrs. burns, in her infinite wisdom, deemed it important that i experience the wonder of the bottega louie macaroon.

how wise this woman can be. mr roget, can you please help a girl out with the proper adjective and exclamations for said baked confection?

their palatableness far exceeds their pretty, and they are very pretty.

although i was swayed to the salted caramel, i must say the tahitian vanilla infused with white chocolate was my favorite.

thank you mrs. burns for ruining my spring training.

thank you also for your very powerful words that have stuck with me all week:

Important to remember there is also a lot of great, special and wonderful people as well. Doing great wonderful and selfless things.