all three of these mantras are on my bucket list for the weekend.

all weeklong i’ve been dreaming {literally while i sleep at night} of my beasts in various tumbles of goofy and highjink. i definitely foresee an upcoming competition of the tail-wag with these loves of my life. they are my xanax for when things get tense and too serious.

i’ve been wishing for a new space for stargazing. my new office furniture should arrive any day and fulfill this want. 

my re-commitment to spring cleaning {my body} is at an all time high. i’m feeling dandelion bouncy and gay. my sweetheart carly farmer introduced this into my eating regimen. i’m thrilled with the results {better sleep, digestion, and less moodiness-hh thanks you carly.} and i’m continuing to do the detox.

what are you going to dream, wish and do this weekend m’loves?

see you on the other side of sunday.