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friday i’m in love….

May 9, 2014

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friday morning fabulous to you m’loves!

it’s been 7-plus days of spoil city, population: katie.

the birthday is officially over.

my cup runneth so over i had to dash out to ikea and buy a new set.

thank you all for the birthday love.

thirty-eight seems to have unpacked her bags, settled in, and taken three closet shelves.

already my body feels older, slower to heal from my workouts, less energetic, and more inclined to linger in the tub.


a gift of jasmine bath oil hasn’t helped to dampen the flames of this bathroom romance.

it’s one of the many of my friday love’s.


keeping focus with my feet, let’s move on to my new sandals:

of late i’ve been living in these bio sandals from zara.

they’re my asian answer to the birkenstock; super comfortable and normcore chic enough to get me passed the velvet rope at any party in silicon valley.


like the sunny, windy, capricious weather we’ve been having, i’m enjoying this silly, LIGHT{!}, fun, easy read by wilton barnhardt.

this past winter i felt like reading was so dark, heavy and hard.

i read with a bedside table crammed full of razor blades, ambien, and see’s candies for comfort.

i am ready to be entertained, and to not have to think….done + done….kind of like dating in my twenties.

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 the kyogo remix of kyla la grange’s “cut your teeth” is blowing up my spotify account, and will be making an appearance on saturday’s playlist.

priscilla and i have dance-party approved its moody, sexy {why do i hate that word so much?} electro, london after-hours vibe.

another single from the yet released  “cut your teeth” album worth checking out is “knife;” another good one for spin class.


so take THAT friday!


mamma {katie} said knock you out!

wishing you a weekend of favorites and knock outs!

love to you my favorites, see you on the other side of sunday…

oh, and speaking of mammas….happy mother’s day mom!



round: thirty eight

May 5, 2014


today i plunge, head first, into my thirty-eighth orbit around the sun; an overly freckled nose and two melanoma pock-marks on my forearm and shin as evidence.


my birthday outfit looks a bit different from what i had planned on wearing this year.

but i picked a dress which, too, billows when i twirl, and there is still plenty of twirling around here.


one thing i know for sure, in this thirty eighth rotation, is that life is messy and random.

no matter how much you follow the rules, color within the lines, or stay in your own lane, cars crash, hearts are broken, and life will not always go according to your iphone calendar.

 i’ve learned it’s what you do with these moments and circumstances that make them so necessary, teachable, and, in the end, beneficial…and if you’re lucky, they become your best moments.

i also know for sure that sometimes a plate of french fries is the best remedy when you’re sick of talking it out.


my designs for the upcoming twelve months are to listen a little less to that voice who judges when i do eat that plate of french fries, who withholds sleep in order to cover a class, who tells me i can’t because i’m not in my twenties anymore, that i’m not enough just sitting here pouncing away at these keys, or that i’m too much at a size ____ .

i will try my best to muzzle that voice, or at least put her in temporary time-outs.

in the next twelve months i want more sparkle in my already disco-ball decorated world. i have new heights to experience in my career, relationships, and spirit.


i also want more stillness.

a lap of more nothing; less pressure to-do, less pressure to-see, less pressure to-be; rather a cycle where the objective is to feel more, think less.67af58601c2f953ddb6f8fc4efc8418d

thanks for coming with m’loves.


May 2, 2014


on wednesday i was called out on instagram, by the beautiful cassie, to expose the inside of my soul gym bag.

my first reaction to this public summons was to politely pretend i hadn’t seen the request, to suddenly have a convenient “social media” hiatus. the contents of my gym bag are rather voodoo + curious, and further the already established conviction that i AM a freak with obsessive compulsive propensities.


state’s evidence number one: my yogi toes mat; that i actually use to teach for spinning as it covers the entire top of my bike without me having to touch any of the already fastidiously cleaned surfaces, but like i said they make medication, hospitals and jackets sans armholes for people like me.

wow (1 of 1)

but today is about my wow drops. they have received the most attention and questions.

i am pretty much never without this .338 fl oz bottle in my hand day and night.

wow drops are all natural chlorophyll and peppermint oil.

i buy mine at mother’s market, but you can get them on amazon.

this sharp punch of what i can only describe as mint mixed with turpentine, coats my throat with its own soothing spa day, and helps my voice when i teach.

although they are marketed as a breath freshener i tout wow drops as my number one health booster. if i had to choose between my vitamins, my supplements, green juices, etc—all the things i associate with staving off the ick and keeping me healthy and cold/flu free, i attribute it to my wow drops.

chlorophyll is what gives plants their green color and helps photosynthesis happen {didn’t know you were going to get a science lesson here did you?} chlorophyll is a fantastic blood cleanser and blood builder {aka detoxifier;} chlorophyll also helps alkalinize our blood, which is important to help fight off disease and inflammation.

peppermint oil has been used for centuries to treat so many maladies: heartburn, the common cold, cough, inflammation of the mouth and throat, and sinus and respiratory infections. it is also used for digestive problems including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, irritable bowel syndrome, upset stomach, and bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine.

and THAT will hopefully be that last time i ever write “small intestine” on the blog…{fingers crossed.}

these two wonder elements are the sole ingredients in wow drops.


so the application of wow drops is a little tricky…the directions say you can dab a drop on your “wrist” and then lick your wrist, but every time i read that i think of HIM, and also an awful senior trip to puerta vallarta involving many bottles of tequila, which my liver and conscience are still paying for…

so i just drop it right on my tongue and keep my wow bottles close so no one thinks to share.

you feel kind of silly at first…tongue out for all the nation to see, and it doesn’t come out all that much, but that’s a good thing…all you want is ONE drop….cuz…….





they are named “wow” for a reason.

those drops are strong.

punch-you-in-the-face, pull-my-hair, and don’t call me the next morning, strong.

wow! as in did a blizzard just roll in through town and take a detour in my mouth?

wow! as in the monster from the matterhorn ride at disneyland just hand delivered a icy-snowball down my throat.

wow! as in thanks for the pick me up, but now i’m going to go cry, suck my thumb, and look for an all you can eat burrito bar.

four years later and i’m still not used to its potency {men insert all your inappropriate feral puns here.}


but if you give it 10 seconds, an arctic loveliness overcomes your throat and even your person.

wow drops, once the initial shock wears off, are actually very calming and soothing.

and yes, your breath is minty fresh..

take a sniff.


best of all you’re cold and flu free, with a mouth always on tap for smoochin’.

kisses to you m’loves.

~i hope i haven’t bored you into a coma, like i apparently have with priscilla ↗.

weekend happiest to you.

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