it’s friday i’m in LOVE!

September 26, 2014



pumpkin-spice tidings to you m’loves.

fall is in the air {albeit by route of my scented candles} and i couldn’t be happier.

these un-airconditioned, sleepless nights are no longer the romantic, nostalgic, and interesting reads on facebook…..i need to SLEEP!!!

the AC guy promises to install next week, and i couldn’t be more excited.

{just in time for the weather to cool down and the fireplace to get crackling again.}

here are a few other items kicking up my boots:


i cannot contain my love for samantha friedman jacoby

samantha shot photos of me this summer, and it was the easiest, most fun, and anxiety-free photo-session i’ve ever had.

samantha is a mad genius, and made me look one thousand times better than i do in real life.

if you’re ever in need of a southern california photographer, look no further than samantha. you will NOT be disappointed.

honey (1 of 1)

there’s no doubt, fall is a foodie’s favorite time of year {say that five times fast.}

comfort food season is back in full swing, and kitchens teem with aromas of homemade, savory stews, and nutmeg spiced pies.

 as much as i am a sucker for a warm casserole, for me, this time of year is all about the honeycrisp apple.

Honeycrisp Twitter

juicier than a peach, with the perfect combination of sweet and tart, the honeycrisp apple craze is felt all across the nation, even on twitter.

difficult to grow, and thus unfortunately the most expensive apple in the market, the honeycrisp has a very short season from late august to october.

they are best eaten raw with no accoutrements.


because you’ve been so honeycrisp-healthy, you can now afford to indulge in my newest obsession: high road craft ice cream.

we discovered high road craft ice cream on our trip to south carolina.

hand crafted in georgia, high road started out as a group of chefs making homemade ice cream for other chefs. it wasn’t long before the demand to buy high road in markets and online grew, and now lucky for me, so will my thighs.

but expanding waistbands aside, this stuff is worth every calorie.

flavors like “bakesale,” “mr.butterpants,” mixed berry buttermilk,” and “brown ale caramel” will turn you into a fan as well.


one fall ritual i will not be partaking in this year is my consumption of the “pumpkin spice latté”.

a favorite i look forward to every september, my heart is broken after learning about all the crap that actually goes into these autumnal tasty treats.

luckily i found this delicious, non-toxic replacement.


no big plans for me this weekend other than a couple of standing napping appointments i have with two terrible beasts.

what about you m’loves? pleasae thrill me with tales of table-top shimmies and drunken cab rides home.

until next time, weekend happy to you.



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let’s get baked!

July 21, 2014

puppy (1 of 1)

a monday happy to you m’loves.

despite my damnedest to choke back the reins on a runaway, speeding summer, summer still barrels ahead at a breakneck pace.

this weekend was no exception.

my self-esteem got off to a proper, humiliating start on friday afternoon courtesy of the blow dry bar, where i had hoped to get an upper hand on my hair for my saturday photo shoot with samantha jacoby–which as the day neared i was 1000% regretting knowing i was nowhere near the level of subject she typically shoots.

going through the obligatory script, the hair stylist asked me if i had any “big plans” for the weekend. i replied that i had a photo shoot on saturday, and thus was getting my hair done for it; whereby she stopped my shitty head massage, peered down at my figure and face with autopsy focus, and said {I. SWEAR. TO. GOD.}:

“oh. so you’re a photographer?”

i laughed so hard i concussed my head on the shampoo bowl.

serves me right for being such a lazy bitch, and not washing my own hair.

ego decimation aside, samantha was a blast.

i don’t care if i end up looking like an old cow in the photos, i made a new girlfriend which is the bigger win.


with my self-regard in the toilet, compliments of a round-brush wielding witch, the only way to clinically feel better about myself was to get immediate access to sugar and butter.

cuttingboard (1 of 1)

although the plan was try this nectarine concoction; i got all fraidy cat and instead went with an old standby i’ve been making since college that has never disappointed me; kind of like cashmere, peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, and amy adams, this plum cobbler does not let me down.

plums (1 of 1)

 truly a summer dessert, my red plum crunch relies on the sourness of summer {red} plums to give it a very tart contrast to the sweet of a traditional cobbler.

cassis (1 of 1)

i’m pretty sure this is the same bottle of créme de cassis i used in college.

you cannot taste the alcohol; i hate desserts that taste like liquor.

i don’t even like my cocktails and wine to taste like booze.

the créme de cassis gives the dish a rich, almost smokiness that plays so well with vanilla ice cream.

oatmeal (1 of 1)

if you ask me though the “crumble” is really the upshot of the recipe.

brown sugar: good.

butter: good

oatmeal & cinnamon: good

i double the recipe for the topping.

scarf (1 of 1)

and even with the double there may or may not have been an extra bowl of crumble made for the emotionally borderline,  “photographer” and her need to binge it out.

plumcob (1 of 1)

the finished product….made prettier with flowers and china.

priscilla (1 of 1)

i have a feeling that “look” back there is how pillow-mageddon began last week.

bowl (1 of 1)

although delicious on its own, the red plum crunch becomes a bowl-scraper with vanilla talenti gelato.


my 20 year old recipe still holds up to the emotional eater test.

i devoured my bowl in olympic record time.

tummy love to you my darlings.

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in the mood for june….

June 2, 2014


 no gloomy june for this katie-girl.

my morning’s coffee is extra black, and for once, i have clean hair.

life is grand.

yesterday, june greeted us with open-wide, sunshine’y arms, and a periwinkle-blue sky to match.

 sunday’s weather was so glorious, so post-card picturesque, i had to stay in bed all day, shades drawn, lights off, eye mask on.

i alternated between napping, reading, and catching up on mad men episodes to buffer my anxiety over all the natural beauty taking place outside.

a healthy dose of grime and angst here and there is needed to keep my blood sugar even; don draper served serve that purpose precisely.


tis the season for the beach read.

last week i blew through this novel in a day. it IS the epitome of a beach read: murder, sex, family drama, a summer escape to a lake, etc….not a lot of brain power required, but it drew me in like an easter brunch buffet with a belgian waffle bar.

i’m now balancing out my brain cells with this…..very enjoyable…not sure it’s pulitzer material though? anyone else read it?


so i’ve officially made THIS song my summer jam.

no, it’s not a new release, but it just oozes hot, sultry nights; think convertible for two, driving down pacific coast highway as the sun sets….

i’m loving it for both my spin and pilates classes….


my hopes for june aren’t grand or audacious.

i’d like to feel the sand beneath my feet.

i want to perfect this cocktail……i might even make it non-virgin!!

i’m going to learn lightroom even if it means locking myself in a DARKroom to do it…anyone out there with experience with this effer of an editing software?

and, as always, the dance parties will continue with flourish and panache.

what are your june endeavors?

monday happy to you m’loves.


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shake it out!!

October 29, 2013



 so last week my friend, mrs. burns, sent me a story about the shake book by carli davidson, a portland photographer for the oregon zoo.


for an hour i poured over her hilarious portraits of dogs “shaking, jowls flapping, and fur flying.” each print is more unique and funny than the next.

so you can imagine my giddy when yesterday i came across the corresponding video to these shoots…

pure happiness on a tuesday.

shake it out m’loves.

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shut the fridge!

August 5, 2013


welcome to my new series, “shut the fridge.” just like medicine cabinets, i believe one’s refrigerator is a magnifying glass into their soul, psyche, and secrets. 

to be honest, the idea of photographing my fridge this morning took some courage. did i really want to publicly showcase the stockpile of condiments this family has amassed over the year{s?}

hunkiest’s bbq sauce collection alone is smithsonian worthy.

and yes my hoard of bloody mary mix isn’t exactly the vision of low-sodium living.

and let’s not forget this is also my mother’s fridge too. iowa born and bred, she’s never met a best food’s mayonnaise jar she didn’t make out with.

so here’s a closer look into our recess of heart aka “the fridge.”

the good

the g00d.

 especially in the summer, we are jam-packed with fruit. i eat on average 2 peaches, 1-2 pears, 1 apple, and strawberries every day.

at least.

yes, at least.

most of the time it’s in its full, whole form, other times i vitamix it with my pro-greens powder or various green vegetables around the house. but fresh, organic produce is a non-negotiable not just because i like how it makes me come off more gwenyth paltrow’y, and it’s the kind of thing we blog bitches are supposed to say these days, but also because i REALLY do feel like dirt when i don’t eat my fruits and vegetables.

boring but true.

the bad

the bAd. 

 personally i think frosting is one of god’s greatest gifts to man, second to sons of anarchy.

 my mother loves to buy frosting.

even better, she buys this sugary, diabetes-inducing topping, and then bakes a weekly cake, for her beloved-son-in-law, which is frosted to perfection.

this week she recreated the famous mastro’s butter cake, only with a lemon, frosted twist.

and thus is why i’m on an effing spin bike for three hours on a sunday morning.


the nutZo.

ok..so lemme fess up…all that “produce”??? yeah, well those apples aren’t shoveled in all naked and pure, like some anne geddes cherub in a cotton blanket.

to be honest i’d speculate more nutzo than apple gets consumed in one sitting.

the apple serves really as my utensil to scarf the nutzo down.

i forever curse you raquel perry for your nutzo/katie introducing ways–not everyone needs to get along raquel!!

so again, welcome to “shut the fridge”…

many thanks to a certain bambi-eyed, 10-year-old sweetheart, who gave me the name for this series when, last night at dinner, in disbelief at an adult story, i, obscenely started to yell:  “SHUT-THE-FU—-”…and she gleefully interjected: “the FRIDGE!!!!!!!”

monday happy to you m’loves. are we friends yet?

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aqua bumps

July 20, 2012

friday happy to you m’loves.

i end the week with one my favorite photographers, eugene tan, a guy who in the late 1990′s “took the leap of faith” by shedding an unhappy corporate life in the city for a more fulfilling career on the sandy beach.

he created the worldwide phenomenon aquabumps, a website and daily email bringing his readers the most beautiful, waterfront sunrises in the world. over 40,000 people receive their aquabumps morning sunshine, and now there is a three and half inch coffee table book compiled from a day of eugene shooting from sunrise to sunset at bondi beach. also, most of the aquabumps photos are available for purchase. i definitely have my eye on a few.

here are some of my favorites:

the beach inspector.


the golden girl.

lone swimmer.


YouTube Preview Image

this is definitely worth the watch on how it all started. i love how he says, “you really can make a career out of anything as long as you’re passionate and committed.”

wishing you a passionate and beautiful weekends m’loves.

see you on the other side of sunday. 

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the last days of {holiday} disco

June 24, 2012

alas, my days of idle have come to a close.

gone are the mornings of birdsong wake-up calls, and balmy evening jaunts through the thick, lacy woods.

here’s a glimpse of my last day out and about with my new lover: the hamptons. 

crossing paths on her way in and my way out of the house, my meg does it again with her wicked style.

just in from town with lunch with a friend, this is what true pregnancy chic {6 more weeks to go}  looks like.


all the way down to the gold-studded boots that sparkled in the sag harbor sun, she kills like always.

post photo shoot, i hopped into the car, found a great country station, and did my best to get lost

literally for hours and hours and sad, “save me baby jesus” song after another, i drove through roads of wooly, sky covering trees which seemed to provide a protective, older sibling comfort around me as i carelessly coursed down highways and rambled through alleyways unknown. 

many a dead-end road, private lane, and do not disturb sign went clumsily unseen by this curious driver. 

friends were made.

although the conversations were a bit one-sided.

making my way out through the thicket, i moseyed my way into bridgehampton, whose decor can be summed up in one word:


never a town lacking for churches, this chapel struck me somehow more beautiful and more serene than all of the other pretty houses of worship. 

i kept returning to this holy soil during my holiday to vagabond its peaceful grounds, and perhaps soak in any blessings to be had.

my gravitation to this property befuddles me. i’m not the religious type.

but something about the silence, the solitude, and unlocked gate, courted this arms wide open heart.

perhaps there were unseen, persuading voices drawing me to its hallowed moorland from the cemetery next door.

post benediction i stopped for an espresso at pierre’s just as the thunder and lightening began their afternoon matinée. a nice reprieve from the 90 degree+ heat.

although it never did rain, the sounds and sights of the storm afar, as i sipped my hot afternoon perk, made for a delightful sidewalk party.

this darling serveuse, marina {maw-dee-na} was the niece of the owner, and couldn’t have been more la-vie-en-rose: stich free of makeup she had the rosiest, mcintosh apple cheeks, perfect rosebud lips and haystack colored hair so thick farmers would pay top dollar for it at auction. orange county ladies need to take major lessons from the natural beauty look on the east coast. just like we’re starting to ban plastic bags….we should start to banning plastic surgery….

t’was an afternoon marveleux indeed. 

sunday happiest to you m’loves. 




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scenes from {an exquisite} week

June 8, 2012

friday beautiful to you m’loves.

and what a dazzling week it has been. the kind of week where i just want to linger in the cozy sweater moments of warmth; both from the sunshine and from the goodness in people and circumstance.

each morning is a rush to sweep back the heavy, thick theater curtains, hoping to unveil new bundles of happy dwelling, hiding in the back rows, or corners waiting to be discovered….tis sometimes where the treasures patiently bide.

don’t you agree?

here are a few shots of my caches this week…like i said it’s been a delightful week.

yesterday i came home to find my doorstep covered in party.

anna and jena, the magicians behind heavy petal flowers, and who i most recently girl crushed, fancied me with the sickest arrangement ever.

i was going to show off pics of my trader joe peonies, but they’re at present hiding with their petals between their stems.

you can now see why these girls own the floral industry in so-cal.

my family room has been instantly spritzed with cheerful.

earlier in the week, one of the most darling baristas ever made my day as he handed over my turkish latté { the cardamom is supposed to help lower the acidity of the espresso, FYI for peeps with bad stomachs}. old enough to have practically just bust through the embryo sac, this boy is sugar sweet. always with a kind compliment to what could be his mother, he said i earned the special heart of the day. 

telling him i knew i was just one of his many cougars he sweet talked for tips, i thanked him nonetheless and left him 2 bucks….


after sharing our plight of our inability to find the perfect, white, skinny jean with all of twitter, i decided to tackle the summer wardrobe pickle head on.

an hour and one very pissed off sales girl later, i’ve concluded hudson collin signature skinny is the best for this girl and her middle linebacker hamstrings.

and finally, a shot of my welcome home crew.

tell me my loves, what made your eyes dance this week?

wishing you a weekend happiest.

see you on the other side of sunday.

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girl crush…

May 18, 2012

welcome to today’s latest edition of girl crush. i cannot contain my excitement that my stunning friend, anna ziebarth agreed to stop by gni today.

mother to zoe and lux, anna runs heavy petal flowers, orange county’s go-to floral design company for weddings and special occasions, with her equally beautiful sister, jena.

i’ve known anna for over ten years {gulp}, and she is literally the COOLEST person i know.

a trend setter like no one else, anna has an effortless, rocker chic, with an edge of california beach, girlie-girl style, that if she were a celebrity, paparazzi and fashion blogs would be following her every sartorial step.

and although the comparisons are often made, anna was our it girl way before alexa chung came onto the scene.

anna was also working the mid-century modern look in her sick, decked out pad, practically, at the TURN-OF-THE-CENTURY.

like i said, this girl, is a style trailblazer.

let’s pick her brain, and get to know a little more about my anna.

no. 1: name your 5 bottom of the jar products?

epicuren kukui nut lotionepicuren x-treme screen sunscreenlily lambert roll on perfume #22dior show mascaraaquaphor- i use this for everything cuts, scrapes, dry skin, lip gloss…..you name it

no. 2: who is your style icon and why?

rachel bilsoni want everything she owns.

no. 3 what is your spring fashion must have item?

i just bought a pair of earnest sewn esra jeans and i’ve been in them every day, and i’d like a pair of warby parker reading glasses- since my recent failed eye exam i’ve turned into quite the eyeglasses connoisseur.

no. 4: finish the sentence….i can never leave the house without:

my ritual cleanse insulated re-usable shopping bags and Iphone.

no. 5: what advice would you give your 25-year-old self?

 “life is about to break your heart into a thousand pieces, but just remember to never lose sight of who you are and who you want to be. the journey will be long but worth it and when you look back you won’t regret a thing.”

no. 6: what would you do with 2 weeks off?

hawaii never gets old for me. i’d love to do one week on oahu with my daughters just surfing and sunning and the second week just relaxing, eating and reading at the four seasons maui with my boyfriend kevin.

no. 7: give me your 5 deserted island items…

my daughters zoe and lux, and kevin my boyfriend (they’re getting grouped as one), tyler rose bikinis, my canon DSLR camera- it’s big and bulky, but never disappoints in capturing my priceless memories, arugula- I can eat it morning, noon and night!, and my jura coffeemakera Xmas present from my girls and ex husband last year, and it makes the best coffee ever, i don’t go out for coffee, i go home.

no. 8: you and your sister, jena, run one of the most in-demand floral design businesses in southern california, heavy petal flowers; people are still talking about the kick-ass flowers from my wedding {seriously- i had the baddest, most rock star, hot-pink bouquet to date}, how do you keep such a successful business flourishing while at the same time, raise two incredible daughters, find time for your relationship, and manage to make it look so free-flowing and fluent? you never break a sweat anna nor cop an attitude. 

when I was younger i thought i had to do it all. i was pretty overwhelmed and not really pulling it off. i’ve been humbled, i learned to ask for help, keep things simple and learned to give myself a break.

no. 9: what would you say is the most important for someone going into a business with a family member?

remember they aren’t just your family member they are your business partner. agree on what’s expected of each other before you do anything and always remain professional. early in our business, there was an ordering error and when it was discovered, i reverted back to sisterly squabbling – i had a very unprofessional freak out on my sister jena at the flower mart and afterwards was pretty embarrassed about it. now, jena and i both look back on this memory and can’t help but bust up laughing. i’ve learned it doesn’t matter who i am dealing with, my business partner, our clients, our vendors, always remain professional even in the most stressful situations.

no. 10: what are your favorite things about living in southern california?

i love surfing with my girls, eating at true food kitchen, riding bikes, celia’s breakfast bowls at mother’s market and everyone i love lives here and if they don’t, they love to visit.

 no. 11: what are your least favorite things about southern california?

the reputation we have acquired….. i’ve lived in orange county my entire life and yet people are surprised to find that out. i grew up in a laid back so-cal environment…what happened to that way of life?

 thank you so much anna girl. i adore you.

i’m off to utah for the weekend m’loves. i loved the weigh in on the wedding outfits…i actually took an alternative 4th route from the three options…

photos to come.

have a weekend most happy, and i’ll see you on the other side of sunday.

photos 3 & 5 by nouelle bouman

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scenes from a weekend

April 23, 2012

monday morning lovely to you my darlings.

tell me you made happy on your weekend endeavors.

i spent the bulk of my weekend, and will be spending the next 8, in the pilates studio continuing my next training.

good grief, i am silly sore.

but mostly from laughing. i’m sure we could bust this certification in half if we all would just stop talking and giggling, but i know it wouldn’t be nearly as fun.

here’s a glimpse of my weekend nonsense:

the saturday antics have begun! danielle and i begin our sport’s illustrated photo sesh plank-pose style.

we work our way around the studio using different props and poses, angles and lighting.

camera-shy jaime hides in the back….

hijinks and folly aside, there is a ton of work to do….AND memorize.

post class i’m off for my grande drip and flash card drills. i attempt to commit the new material to memory until the dinner bell rings.

sunday morning i manage a little hh time, where my new mary jo matsumoto bag gets to come out and play. 

i couldn’t resist the newport harbor soft tote. it just screamed take me! take me!

sunday afternoon it was back to the studio for more transverse abdominus and tomfoolery.

five and a half hours of doing the same 10 exercises over and over and over again can make a group of six go patty hearst.

thank god for nail polish….again mary jo matsumoto….

it’s amazing what a strong core can allow one to do…..i watched a girl curl up, twist to the right, AND paint her nails!?

and the true reinforcements:…….candy chocolate covered peanuts from sprouts.

although my back feels like it needs a permanent brace, it was truly a weekend happy.

tell me m’loves what rang your jolly bell this weekend?

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