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February 5, 2014

maruja (1 of 1)

wednesday cheek to cheek’s to you m’loves.

i’m taking a little bit of a time out from work {more on that later,} but i wanted to drop by, and share one of my newest, most-beloved finds.

remember when i got all simba on your faces?

courtesy of this lovely piece of blonde honey?

well along with the conversion to the miracle of milk o’magnesia, misha also introduced me to the wonder of marula oil: my new holy grail for face moisture and overall, maybe she’s born with it, glow.

with a higher lever of anti-oxidants and omega 9 {fatty fish acid-the good kind that fights wrinkles} than any argan or grapeseed oil, along with the obvious sunscreen, marula oil is my new weapon in the anti-aging arsenal—the ever growing, honey i think we need an addition to the house arsenal.

NEVER greasy, it plumps, moisturizes, and hydrates my face, eyes, neck and lips…i’ve even put it in my hair…thinking of using it on my toast too.

picture_wildeven better than making your wrinkles disappear,—and trying to put my vanity aside for 30 seconds–i’ll try not to die,—-is helping the women in east africa {obviously NOT every east african woman–this isn’t a disney movie people,} but when you buy marula oil you help those who actually harvest the marula fruit from their homes. marula oil production is a fundamental, viable, fountain of revenue for these women to provide for their families. so you can feel good about feeling narcissistic…i know i do.

if you’re in orange county you can buy marula oil from misha at holiday salon or at marula.com

have a luminous day m’loves.


the humanitarian

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if you need me…

January 31, 2014


my head will be interred within the pages of this book.

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

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detox: no green juice needed

January 30, 2014

brush (1 of 1)

our skin is the most important organ when it comes to eliminating waste {ok…eew.}

so if you’re a current member of the ubiquitous kale cleansing club, dry brushing should be more important to you than that added shot of ginger.

easy and crazy economical, dry brushing is a daily detox i’ve been performing for years.

as the name implies, dry brushing is done on dry, lotion-free skin. i dry brush every morning before my first bath.

these invigorating strokes stimulate the lymphatic system, where all detoxification starts; the nervous, immune and digestive systems are then triggered to renew and replenish.

cosmetically, dry brushing does remarkable things for the texture and tone of the skin….i can definitely see a difference in the prettiness {or lack thereof} of my skin when i don’t dry brush; typically when i’m on vacation.

i also get a kick out of the psychological benefits….those bristles are NOT cashmere soft, but i sorta, kinda look forward to my early morning perk-me-up session with my dry brush {although it’s not as romantic as it reads.}

so how does one dry brush?

1. always start with a dry brush on dry skin {duh. hence the reason it’s called dry brushing.} i like the yerba prima brush because the bristles are strong.

2. starting with the feet {bottoms and top} you always want to brush upwards toward your heart.

3. quick, strong, rapid strokes are best. it shouldn’t be a languid, marcia brady movement.

4. from the feet, move up onto the front and back of your legs and backside {a dry brush loves to attack cellulite.}

5. for your stomach make sure you brush in a counter-clockwise direction; this helps stimulate the digestive system.

6. the tops and back of hands need love too; and then moving UP your arm toward your shoulder and heart. a dry elbow is mush in the hands of a dry brush.

7. for your back, brush DOWN from your shoulders and brush UP from your low back {again towards the heart.}


there you have it!

any other dry brush addicts out there?

happy brushing m’loves.

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happy shopping

January 29, 2014


 who says all the best sales occur after thanksgiving?

well not this year.

the sale of all sales, mary jo matsumoto’s flash sale, begins this friday january 31st.

talk about christmas in january!


it’s no secret that my crush on mary jo matsumoto runs san andreas fault line-deep. she’s a friend, a confidante, and a person i aspire to be like daily, especially in the style department.

mary jo’s personal style is a perfect combo bite of parisian elegance and california cool; whenever we meet i have to spend at least half our time wiping my drool off her effortless ensembles.

mythhunterbackpack (1)

let’s give up a loud “amen!” for the fact mary jo followed her calling to be a designer; her handbags are second to none in my opinion.

i feel very lucky to own a few pieces from her exquisite collections.

and lucky for us, on friday she’s making it even easier to nab up some of her goodies.


this is the biggest sale mary jo has ever offered!

her beautiful spring/summer 2014 line is coming in, and she needs to make room for these beauties; but in the meantime we get to load up on this season’s best offerings.

it’s rumored that one of my MOST favorite bags to carry, the snake-skin pink tote, which garnes no-less than two compliments an appearance, will be made available to buy for the very first time.

valentine (1)

and perfect for valentine’s day, her 4FREE valentine’s day trio will be on sale, along with the orchid 4FREE trio…..if you haven’t tried her 4FREE, non-toxic, longest lasting polish on the market, you’re missing out….

so set your alarms for friday morning, and get thyself over to maryjomatsumoto.com  for the online sale of the year.

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it’s all around…..

January 27, 2014


love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”~zora neal hurston


a quick hello with wishes of hearts full to the brim, and spirits stratosphere high.

i’ve been busy and distracted lately; lazy with love.

it’s everywhere…it always has been, i just needed to look with better lenses.

today, may you, too, receive and share oodles of rich, tasty, good love.

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a trader joe’s tragedy….

January 16, 2014


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

it began so innocent.

it was day 23 of consecutive spin classes, and i’d hadn’t eaten breakfast or lunch yet, which pretty much translates: “t’was a dark and stormy night.

 what started as a pure-hearted visit to trader joe’s, for my organic pears and arugula {wink wink,} ended in a probable diagnosis of type ii diabetes.

my clean-handed intentions were immediately marred with sugar and crunch when, like the local drug-pusher, hawking promises of elation and frenzy, the crack-trafficking peeps at trader joe’s nested their own mind-altering products at emotional eater eye-level, provoking the same sticky sweet promise of a dope daze.

 caramel and dark chocolate popcorn crunch and the ruggedly adventuresome cowboy bark; in the words of rihanna “where have you been all my life?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

 caramel and dark chocolate popcorn crunch is exactly how it reads….and MORE. sure you have your standard caramel and kettle corn, BUT the little kind-hearted, katie-loveing trader joe’s elves added dark chocolate covered, candied pecans, almonds, walnuts & cashews {for protein, i assume.}

the cowboy bark, described aptly as ruggedly awesome, adds to that dark chocolate train with pretzels, toffee, joe joe cookies, peanuts, almonds and sea salt.

i don’t know about you, but sea salt is the new rainbow sprinkles at my house.

i couldn’t choose between the two…i’d hate to hurt either snack’s feelings….so both were brought home, blended into a tasty stew of sweet and salty.

arranging my stash in a clean, white bowl seemed, at the time, to make the experience less dirty.


 but who was i kidding?

the nasty popcorn whore that i am, mowed down the whole bowl like it was a qualifying sochi race; a race performed in bed…yes, this was all consumed in my bed, i didn’t even have the dignity to sit upright.

this is me not able to face my handsome husband, he had just asked me if i had saved him any…..

i’m sure y’all have much more self-control than i clearly can’t exhibit….so if dark chocolate wonderful is your jam, then get thyself immediately to a your nearest trader joe’s…

mouths of happy to you m’loves.

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scenes from a saturday night…..

January 13, 2014

denim (1 of 1)

the hunkiest and i are the new faces of hermit living.

of late, the weekend trek to trader joe’s is our cologne-spritzing, lip gloss-wearing, disco ball chasing of a saturday night.

sag screenings and finally jumping aboard the netflix breaking bad train keeps us pajama-clad and sofa ensconced on most nights.

but this saturday night we busted the buttons off of our ritual of comfort and, decked in denim, cruised out into polite society for date night.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

nothing like a pair of wingtips to damper the dishevelled look i taken so fondly to these days.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

1st stop john varvatos.

we’ve finally become everything i hate about orange county.

date night isn’t a visit to a museum, a seat at the hottest concert, nor is it front row at a play……

we go to the mall {insert image of me taking a nine-glock to the chin.}

but hunkiest needed a new suit, and john varvatos serves beer, wine, & espresso to the impatient, toe-tapping, eye-rolling wives.

bedecked in a slim-fit, italian virgin wool two-piece, my green-eyed sweetheart was probed and whacked with measuring tapes and shoe horns, while i spun out like an out-of-control dreidel, jacked up on all that espresso.


amped and ravenous we hit our favorite neighborhood haunt for eats and side-by-side booth sharing.

 the razor thin-crust pizza is naples certified, and my husband is able to drink peroni while watching play-off football; it’s the perfect spot.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

dean martin’s serenade and a belly full of marinara slathered carbohydrates inspired “molto amore!”

unfortunately the romance ended here.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

and was replaced by a whole ‘nother kind of sunday morning love.

how did your weekend treat you m’loves?

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do it dailey

January 9, 2014


it’s here, and i couldn’t be more excited.

the dailey method has finally arrived to orange county; or rather should i say orange county has finally arrived?

hands down the best barre studio ever: safety, efficacy, innovation & fun, the dailey method stole my heart 8 years ago on a visit up to san francisco, and i’ve been pining for one to come down to orange county ever since.

jill dailey mcintosh, the creator and vision for TDM, has built a tremendous business brand on always current and cutting edge exercise philosophy.

owned and operated by taryn fisherman, the cutest little kitten in town, the dailey method newport beach opened yesterday with flying colors.

located near fashion island {right above muldoon’s} TDM newport beach is my new 21014 addiction.

currently they are offering a steal of a deal…{i swear i thought it was a typo at first} $125 for 6 weeks unlimited.


i can’t wait to see you at the barre.

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why i have insomnia….

January 8, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetinsomnia

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

and when they do leave me room, it looks like this ↑.

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non-toxic tuesday…

January 7, 2014

lollipop (1 of 1)

i don’t know about you, but lately i can’t even walk by an open door to a nail salon without my eyes and nose burning.

the chemicals from the remover, the polish, callus remover gel, and even massage lotions are so strong and pungent, it’s hard to breathe as a passerby, let alone sit in those toxic fumes for 45 minutes-plus while getting a manicure and pedicure.

lucky for me i discovered lollipop nail studio at the camp in costa mesa.


“a place where glossy and organic meet,” lollipop nail studio procures handmaid, all-natural remedies to pretty up your toes and fingers.

jackie dalton, lollipop’s owner has created an intimate, boutique-like space where the nail tech’s call you “beautiful,” and happy, cheerful, eco-friendly vibes are piped throughout the bright salon, along with a great satellite radio station {i scored 3 new songs for spin class.}

using organic ingredients, sterilized tools, including a brand new file, buffer, and  sticks that are yours to take home after your service, lollipop also offers a waterless manicure where instead of dunking your hands in bowls of lukewarm, quickly to get cold water, you’re luxuriously pampered with hot towels and oils.

chairs (1 of 1)

no staph-infected pedicure chairs here; at lollipop you get mid-century swivels or choice of comfy sofa.

all of lollipop’s nail polish is safe and non-toxic, and they have a giant supply of contemporary colors.

scrubs (1 of 1)

all of the organic oils, lotions and scrubs are concocted on property with your choice of essential elements: geranium, almond, rose, or camellia.

the almond scent i chose stayed with me for hours; a sweet, all-natural, non-chemically scent that didn’t reek of synthetics.


a brand new liner comes with each pedicure, and later i watched the cleaning of said tub….the scrub was so thorough you’d think they were delivering c-sections in these buckets.

fresh petals add to the holistic feeling of the experience.

items (1 of 1)

a boutique as well, lollipop offers great gift and beauty items; it’s so hard for me so say “no” to the inspirational coffee table book.

sofa (1 of 1)

but rest assured, if positive thinking and expanding your soul aren’t your nail salon cups-of-tea, lollipop offers the requisite brainless, entertainment fodder most of us look forward to when getting our toes done.


et voila!

happy feet!

i’m wearing my mary jo matsumoto’s 4FREE non-toxic in laguna shimmer {i brought my own polish.}

my pedicure lasted close to three weeks, proving that just because ingredients are chemical-free doesn’t mean lukewarm efficiency.

lollipop nail salon you have earned a new, repeat customer!

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