street…er…suburb stye.

December 9, 2013


as much as i am a slave to the fashion glossies and street style blogs, i still have to face the facts that my runway consists of the catwalk from my prius to the whole foods entrance.

alas, stilettos and head-to-toe carolina herrera don’t make for a practical grocery shopping experience.

but i refuse to succumb to the token orange county lululemon {practically an expletive these days} workout attire; save for when i AM actually working or working out, and you still won’t find my cold, stiff, dead body in lululemon!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.01.40 AM

my casual “look” of late is still sporty, but proper enough so that i’m not thrown out of church. and when i say church, i mean south coast plaza.

i’ve been loving this slouch jacket from organic by john patrick . i’ve written before about my deep affection for all jeans boyfriend-fit; these 6397 denim representations are no exception.

rag & bone tee’s are pricey, but they’re so soft, and the cut is perfection.

these new balance retro sneakers go with me everywhere.

and for a splurge i’ve put this givenchy handbag and these audrey sunglasses on my list for santa.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.29.55 AM

for evening i’ve been living in the above ensemble.

my love affair with this iris & ink stripped sweater takes me from fancy-nancy soireés to date night with my hunkiest.

these vince tuxedo jogging pants {first seen here,} are the most comfortable and versatile dressy pant i’ve ever worn.

add a strappy sandal, little red for the holiday spirit, and a cozy {it has sparkles too!} for the head and ears..yer all set.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.36.59 AM

for christmas this year i’m hoping to wear my new lucy silk jumpsuit from diane von furstenberg. again, this year my theme seems to be “comfort first,” and this satin-feeling get-up fits the bill.

a little greengold, & some non-headache producing bubbles, and i’m good to go…

merry! merry! m’loves.

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the monday morning trifecta

December 2, 2013

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

monday morning skies of blue to you m’loves.

it’s already a full-plate, hustle of a morning.

a quick “hello” to you, wishing you a week of cyber monday savings, sea-salt and caramel double-dates, and bluegrass + juniper scented kitchens.

if you’re not in the holiday spirit i recommend this a capella rendition of “the little drummer boy;” it has me decking the halls and hunting for hung mistletoe {hope your lips aren’t chapped.}

my polished nails, color courtesy of mary jo matsumoto are also aiding and abetting my inner christmas sprite.

how are you handling the pre-christmas frenzy?

merry, merry m’loves.

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friday, i’m in love {travel edition}

November 29, 2013


good morning sweet babies!

how was thanksgiving?

hunkiest and i tough mudder’d our way to northern california, and were up and back in less than 19 hours.


this friday i will be in mad-love with a nap later on.

here is a snippet of some other things i’m digging:


i’m one of those girls who likes to “dress” for her flights.

i love the proper and lovely way people used to attire for traveling in the 60′s & 70′s. i wish it were still the standard rather than the thongs and workout gear you so often see now.

these rag & bone silk pajama pants were the perfect traveling pant yesterday, never wrinkled, and cozier than a bathrobe.

they also saw me through the double rounds at the thanksgiving buffet without ever changing to a “slim-fit.”

and if you’re interested they JUST went on sale. #luckyducks


accompanying my fancy pants was this disco ball of a sweater from joie.

 it folds beautifully in a carry-on and is festive enough for the thanksgiving meal.

softer than a lamb baby, but still studio 54 sassy, it’s the perfect, semi-dressy top for special occasions.


i’m in deep smit with my new transport tote from madewell.

it was my airplane savior.

enormous, and in a color that goes with everything {english saddle} i’m able to throw my laptop, an extra change of clothes, a giant book, and other traveling accoutrements.

YouTube Preview Image

the entire hunger games: “catching fire” soundtrack is track after track, SO good.

i’ll let you know about the movie….tickets have been purchased for the matinée today.

what’s on the docket for your weekend…

see you on the other side of sunday….

p.s. not responsible for any typos, grammar crimes, or general non-connecting chaos in this post; i’m exhausted.

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gobble this….

November 28, 2013


amid all the gorging, the irksome family members, and the fact that tonight’s scandal has been shelved for a mutha-effin lady gaga and the muppets special, it’s no wonder that this day of “thanks” sends many into a pill-popping, binge-drinking, self-mutilating clichéd after-school special.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 6.08.08 PM

if this sounds like you, take heed.

be still.

it’s just a day.

 i feel like, during this time of year, we often try to mash, cram, and demand ourselves into happy, evolved, composed people; when really all we want to do is bark like rabid, sweater-vest clad foxes.

i know i am not alone in this feeling, and because of that i find gratitude, thankfulness and peace amongst all the chaos.

happy thanksgiving to you m’loves.

gobble gobble.



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safe word: narwhale

November 27, 2013


so last weekend i caught the local, debilitating, holiday virus going around town and throughout the country: the cooking bug.

i was no match against this cheeky bacterium.

everywhere i turned, i was ingesting infectious pinterests boards and blog posts touting their fever-inducing recipes, clad with vogue-magazine worthy photos, styled á la aran goyoaga, and accessorized with prose that would get any rebel on a hunger strike to apron up and starting onion dicing.

armed with my boards, sites, and the most vital ingredient: a cute outfit, i set out to chef my way into a more beautiful, happier, glossy world.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

it didn’t really turn out like i had envisioned.

hunkiest and i decided to make our first turkey dinner together where, in unison, we’d navigate the unknown, spooky territory of food processor and cheese cloth land.

i was his katniss everdeen, he was my peeta; side by side and aligned, fighting for our lives against organ puncturing thermometers and heart attack procuring white flour.

this photo was taken on sunday…i am STILL cleaning up the mess.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 presetcase in point: i found this celery stalk yesterday.

even the beasts knew best to turn their noses up at any scraps fallen from my guillotine cutting board.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

on a more positive note, because of the cooking bug, THIS is my new, beautiful, all-clad roasting pan {FYI: on special at sur la table,} a gift from my beloved husband, showing his appreciation and pride that i was in our kitchen for something other than making coffee……and demands.

it’s so pretty.

i’ve decided even if i never cook again i’m still going to use this pretty pan.

this morning it was my mirror for makeup and hair.


the gravy base was kind of a bust.

taken from this recipe, given to me generously by the culinary goddess, mrs. burns, my friend and biggest cheerleader when it comes to all things domestic; i tried to keep faithful to every single direction given to me.

i’m a rules girl and didn’t want to muck this up.

unfortunately hunkiest had other ideas. according to him and his “thorough” cavity search, we bought the only turkey, in the history of turkeys, that did NOT come with neck, gizzard {ugh THAT word,} and heart.

i think he even started to blame “monsanto” for our defective turkey; even though we bought an organic, hormone and anti-biotic free bird, raised on a cage-less, fence-less farm equipped with a jacuzzi and ping-pong tables, where the turkeys rode ponies in the morning, went to montessori school in the afternoon, and died in their sleep from being too happy.

irritated with my nagging to “fucking LOOK AGAIN!!!“ he, with his hands literally up in the air, sassed at me to “make do.”

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

i did my best.

but wouldn’t you know it, lo and behold, guess who finds the so-called missing bag of guts the next day as he’s trimming our bird.

i gave him THE bird and blame my gravy’s lack of robustness on his lack of poultry fortitude.


we both agreed my stuffing {not really–again another recipe from mrs. burns,} was delicious.

if you’re a fan of mushrooms, then this IS your new stuffing.


it is my stuffing based solely on the tawny port ingredient.

after this near-death, hunger games experience, the rest of that bottle went downward dog down my throat.

so do you have a favorite, fool-proof, go-to turkey/stuffing/gravy recipe?

gobble gobble m’loves.

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thank you clarity….

November 25, 2013

tumblr_mltp99Y6Tx1qdx8qgo1_500 (1)

so here we are: in the starting blocks of the season of thank you……and heavy carbohydrates.

before i pull my socked feet out from under my heavy, judgement protective covers each morning, i lie in bed saying thank you.

this communion of gratitude happens all 365 days of the calendar.

it’s my soul’s warm-up for the next 24-hour cycle of work and toil for my brain and heart; where limits are pushed, boundaries reset, and patience flexed and stretched.

 the blessings in my life are abundant. i try to not forget this fact.

here are a few i’d like to acknowledge:


thank you coffee.

you are my best friend, confidante, and therapist, all wrapped up in one welcoming, warm ceramic, morning ritual.


thank you wanderer.

the chance, even just the idea, that i’m a train ride, car hop or flight away into escape, quiets the rumblings of the tsunami in my stomach who’s always scheming to flee, hide, and experience life anew somewhere far, far away in a land of no one knows me.


thank you boots.

i’m walk taller with you.


you fortify me with a micro confidence which has eluded me through 31 years of body-hatred.


thank you date night.

this is when i feel the wittiest, the smartest, and the prettiest all week-long.


thank you pizza; specifically pizza on date night.

YouTube Preview Image

thank you active child for this song.

a great sob session is like a steamy, grime-cleaning shower for my heart.


finally i am thankful for the mess.

this is a new one for me.

i fear clutter, disorder, chance and spontaneity like some fear bees and spiders.

but like a sneeze you can’t suppress; the havoc, the muck, and the mayhem happen.

in these moments, when i am able to surrender to reality, albeit the sometimes unfavorable, these are the pockets of presence where i learn the most, love the hardest, and find my truest self.

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friday i’m in love…

November 22, 2013



it’s been a rough week.

nothing in particular going on, but lately i’ve been wearing cranky pants which bunch up and constrict my silly.

being told, TWICE this week, to “smile”actually sends me, not only into frown mode, but also into a middle finger state of mind.

can anyone else relate?

my grouch quota is at official capacity; no more sulk for katie.

i’m ready to get stupid and senseless, and have a rockin’ good time; the tinsel of goodness draping over my heart, soul and spirit is too abundant and sparkly for me to spend one more second in a bad mood.

here are a few snippets of the sunshine in my life:


a thank you note from my favorite 10-year old on the planet.

sure she spells my name correctly in texts and emails, but when it comes to her creative expression, this artisan begets beautiful, intuitive work; proper spelling be damned.

and i have always thought my name should have another “i” in it…..

apparently said artist thinks i also drink wine during my soaks in the tub, maybe not my 5am round, but i think she’s on to something.

this envelope was too precious for me not to frame and display on said bathtub shelf.

 i am keeping it safe, for i know it will be priceless some day; just like my relationship with this girl.

sweateri’ve been wearing this sweater from sheinside like it’s on the endangered species list.

available in black or red {i bought the red,} this is a perfect light-weight cover for socal’s less than wintry november days; although we’ve had a wickedly delicious storm yesterday and today.


no post would be complete without a nod to the nosh. currently making my tummy very happy {albeit my thighs bulging,} are these crème brûlée almonds from squirrel brand. vegetarian and gluten-free these candied nuts are the perfect nip of sugared salt.

i feel loved and tended to by this satisfying, daily dose of sweet.

they’re available online and also at whole foods.

 YouTube Preview Image

this new single from bastille has been popping up all over my playlists this week….

cue our weekly dance party!


lastly, i’m loving YOU. your support, your comments, the connection. everyday of the week i am always loving you m’loves.

weekend happy!

see you on the other side of sunday.



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team: trouble

November 21, 2013


watch out orange county, there is a new dynamic duo in town: team trouble.

the hilarious and beautiful, leigh beach, and i will co-teach 8am spin at the ‘nox this saturday {11/23.}

we will be promoting and stirring up the giddy for the annual cycle for survival ride in february.

cycle for survival, a four-hour, team cycle ride, raises money for rare cancer research.

last year’s ride was truly the most fun, inspiring, and emotional day of my life.

i so hope you will join us this year {orange county gets its own ride this year!!! yay.}

equinox members book your bikes tomorrow at 6am….

guests are welcome…let us know if you want to come play, and we’ll give you the details.

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sweat for karma

November 20, 2013


tonight i am sweating for karma at villa pilates and yoga.

brought together by infused fitness who is founded on the belief that “the value of a healthy community can inspire a multitude of happy lives.”

i’m hoping with a combination of pilates, yoga, barre-work, and a dash of silly, we can infuse a little more play and kindness into our own lives; and share this positivity with those outside the studio walls.


my coreplay® classes are built on the philosophy that “playtime” should be taken very seriously. sure we sweat, burn and toil, but all under the guise of finding bliss in our burn and smiles through our sweat.


this is a donation class where all of the money will be put toward infusing fitness and nutrition into low-income areas for families and children.


i hope to see you there…class starts at 6:15pm.

love always, katie

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shut the fridge

November 19, 2013

so here she is, i know you’ve been waiting for this one.

ever since my gorgeous and divine friend, raquel perry aka the fitness stalker, appeared in my girl crush series, i’ve had many people refer to that “amazing,” “beautiful,” and “inspiring” woman.

she is all of those things and more.

lucky us we get to see what is in this bionic’s woman’s fridge:


When the lovely Ms. Osumi honored me with her request to write about, and photograph the innards of my fridge, I must admit, I was nervous. Not nervous because I don’t enjoy letting peeps in on my lifestyle, or habits, (in fact I will gladly bore you to tears with the details of my beloved green smoothie,) but because I was sure that everyone expects my refrigerator contents to be nothing but lettuce, kale and alfalfa sprouts.


I do buy a lot of greens. Kale, spinach, chard and broccoli are always in the crisper. Organic is a must when it comes to these gems. But, there is certainly more than the green stuff. Allow me to give you a guided tour:

fridge (1 of 1)

Firstly, my green smoothies are a part of my daily routine. So much so, that when we went to the desert for Spring Break with the kiddos, I packed my trusty Vitamix. I usually use a base of the So Delicious unsweetened vanilla coconut milk. Sometimes I opt for unsweetened vanilla hemp milk, or organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I add in frozen banana, Warrior Brand Raw vegan protein, and flax seeds, chia seeds, and tons of greens. There is no special recipe, I like to add in as much of the green stuff as possible, since thanks to the fruit and protein powder, you really cannot even taste it.

fridge (1 of 1)-2

Next on that top shelf, is Veganaise. This mayonaise-like spread has won over everyone in my family, including the picky hubby and kiddos. Same goes for Earth Balance spread that I swear is as yummy as butter. K.T.’s Gingerade Kombucha are a must have, as are Ritual Wellness organic cold pressed juice. Spicy Greens is my current fave. The Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Limeade are also in large supply after Ms. Katie O turned me on to them!

Bread is almost always the sprouted Ezekiel bread, flax-seed version. Delish, extra fiber and again, a hit with the entire fam.

I also have on hand the cinnamon raisin sprouted grain English muffins. This is a handy breakfast for the kiddos with a dollop of Earth Balance spread and honey. In fact the tortillas by Ezekiel are also always in the fridge.

While I do not eat meat of any kind, except the occasional fish, my family does. All meats are organic and grass-fed when possible. I always have black beans that I have made with lots of garlic, and onions, or some chickpeas at the ready for a quick addition to a salad or meal.

RP’s makes a gluten-free fresh pasta made from brown rice flour. I especially adore the no-bake lasagne sheets, which make for any easy veggie lasagne that I pack as many vegetables into as I can. I also make the fusilli with hemp seed pesto.

I am currently loving “White Girl Salsa,” in Mild Tomatillo flavor.  If the name weren’t chuckle-worthy enough, then the flavor will win you over. Even though I am part hispanic, I am a wimpy white girl when it comes to spices. This salsa is perfect for my mild hotness.  ;)

fridge (1 of 1)-3

This time of year you will always find organic Honeycrisp apples in the fridge. Either eaten alone, or made into a baked apple, dusted with cinnamon and stevia, and finished off with a bit of plain coconut milk yogurt, they never fail to satisfy.

Cheese is not off-limits for me. In fact, I LOVE it. It was far easier eliminating meat from my diet than it would be to cut out mozzarella, feta or goat cheese. I just make sure they are organic varieties.

Finally, let’s check out the freezer. Frozen grapes, (to nosh,) frozen berries, bananas, spinach, and pineapple and frozen wheatgrass cubes are always stocked and ready to be made into a smoothie. I buy organic ice cream for the kiddos and Matt, and So Delicious brand coconut ice cream for me. Chocolate is the flavor I have been grabbing lately, and I top it off with a spoonful of peanut butter or Nuttzo.

Bottom line is, that while I may have the reputation for never eating anything “fun” I enjoy everything I eat. Food enjoyment is a funny thing. Once your body learns to taste real food, limited processed foods, and not tons of added sugars, it not only adjusts, but learns to love the taste of things in their more pure state. Same goes for water consumption. Start lugging and chugging that water bottle everywhere you go, and it becomes second nature.


I have been through so many “diet phases,” and have found that the best diet, is not a diet at all. It’s one’s daily way of life that is sustainable, and not overly complicated. Eat real food, limit processed foods, and added sugars, and you can’t go wrong. Our bodies are such amazing machines that we ask so much of on a daily basis, doesn’t it make sense to fill it with the best fuel possible? And if eating organic, drinking alkaline water and limiting foods that are processed helps with my longevity and that of my family, then I am all for stacking that deck in our favor.

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