farewell 2013

December 31, 2013


as my 2013 comes to a hushful, out-like-a-lamb, close, like most of you, i have some goals, resolutions if you want to call them, that i wish to pursue.

faraway lands, alpha brainwaves accessible on speed dial, and a new venture or two with a change in my current title, working woman.

but i must say i’m most committed to leaving several poor habits, brain-bashing addictions, and dispositions best outgrown in the rear-view mirror.


a people, animal, and sometimes even an inanimate object-pleaser to a fault; often at the expense of sleep, nutrition, and time with my family, i realize i am of no benefit to those i care about when my candle is down to the wick.

the guilt and panic i feel over disappointing others shuts me down like the stomach flu.

 kind of like twerking and the selfie, i hope to ban this behavior in the upcoming year.


2014 is going to be one big party-bowl of change around here; i am committed to leaving my inner bully behind.

this includes shutting down the voice who often judges her day or mood by the number on the scale, or by how her pants fit.


last saturday night hunkiest and i were forehead-t0-forehead chowing down on pizza and fritto misto at our local date night haunt.

we looked around to see what other patrons were enjoying, and instead of seeing mozzarella induced smiles, or chianti stained teeth, we counted 14 patrons on their cell phones.

couples and even some parents completely missing moments and conversations that will never happen again.

i was so embarrassed to know i have engaged in this disengaging behavior before.

2013 you can have my cellphone…

reality tv.

i 1000% admit, i am a fool for reality tv….shahs of sunset, courtney loves dallas, and the wrecked train known as keeping up with the kardashians….you all have sucked me in at one time or another….

although terribly watchable, i hesitate to say these shows are “entertaining.”

i always come away feeling a little scummy, grimy, and in need of a shower when i partake in reality tv.

the producers goal is to highlight outrageous behavior; terrible, mean, racist, sexist, evil, greedy behavior. speaking from personal experience, the more i watch this stuff, the more numb and immune i become to this type of, at one-time in history, unacceptable conduct.

how can this not affect society? haven’t you noticed a trend in the last decade of people publicly acting more beastly.

pollyanna i’m not, but i’m going to try to leave my itch-to-shock unscratched in the upcoming year.

so long bravotv.

sadand finally, just like the iphone, sadness has sucked up too much of my precious time.

i wouldn’t say i’m more melancholy than most; in fact my happy meter tips the scales on most days.

but sad things do happen. i’m just sick of giving them more weight and attention than all the toe-curling wonderful there is in my life.

so, tell me m’loves, are you looking to leave anything behind in 2013 too?

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got fermentation?

December 30, 2013

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

so you all know i’m pretty much always on the hunt for the next, new, chart-topping showstopper in the world of detox.

apple cider vinegar, greens, and ginger are my main go-to’s for a healthy, happy tummy.

but for the last few months i’ve added a new instrument in the rock-n-roll band i call digestive sanity: raw sauerkraut.

yes, like apple cider vinegar, it is an acquired taste. but back when i used to eat hot dogs {ah the ignorance of youth,} i would take every chance to condiment the shit out of it said manufactured meat with fistfuls of sauerkraut.

this super-stinky star of a probiotic boosts all the good bacteria we need and want in our guts.

rich in enzymes, fermented foods actually increase the vitamin content of what we eat, and also helps us absorb nutrients.

now if sauerkraut isn’t your jam, you can still reap the benefits of fermented foods via kefir, komboucha, kimchi, salsa, pickles, even ketchup. just try to do it without the hotdog.

happy tummies m’loves.

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do you feel what i feel?

December 26, 2013

cofff (1 of 1)

and just like that.


christmas is gone.

we’re exhausted.


it’s over so fast.”

jones is wrapping his giant head around the fact that, like milk bones, christmas is gobbled up in seconds.

best to savor every morsel, taste, and chew of the magical day.

hoping your holiday was delicious m’loves.

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’round here….we hail to the kale.

December 23, 2013


monday happy to you my kin o’sugartown.

were you naughty or nice this weekend?

my lump of coal showed up early last week in the form of a beautifully, gift-wrapped stomach flu, tied up with a sore throat and no return receipt.

for close to 5 days this nasty, superstorm of a bug typhooned my world; ravaging real estate {in the form of popped eye vessels,} and wreaking havoc on my already flimsy, internal eco-system.

although my doppler radar is finally registering a calm 98.7 degrees, it’s been a battle of the gut {literally,} head, & heart to find the christmas spirit around here.


yesterday was the first day i felt the mood of merriment; a wee tickle of mirth coursing through my veins and the home speakers, dashing crumbs of fa-la-la-la-lahtinsel on my bah-humbug soul.

 imbibed with a vigor to be out amongst fellow festivity-seekers, i ventured to my local shoo-in for jolly: trader joe’s.


nothing like a trip to trader joe’s to get the holly hollering…..happy, smiling, cider-sampling faces are the standard; it’s like they pump out opiate air and put oxycontin in their pre-packaged, rbgh-free products.

whatever it is, i’ll roll it, smoke it, and deal it to suburban moms {my version of leaning in,} i need all the help i can take.

as you can see, yesterday i bought trader joe’s out of their ornamental kale bouquets.


totally unconventional, these vibrant greens perform little holiday miracles throughout the house. like bitty, helpful elves, our home was instantly christmas-fied with bundles of mint-speckled shrubbery dotted into every nook and cranny.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 4.36.13 AM

 in addition to the kale salad decor, i’m also silly happy about this new chrome app: momentum.

a personal dashboard for your computer, momentum opens with a changing landscape {always stunning and inspiring,} a motivating set of words, and a customizable to-do list…gotta return those shoes.

to-do list aside, i just love the fact that someone, ok a computer, is finally able to say good morning to me so friggin’ early.

as prompted by momentum, i’ve decided my main focus for today is to count all of the toe-curling, tears-streaming-down-my-face, hand-to-my-head blessings in my life.

you’re all included in that calculation.

merry merry to you m’loves.

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a weekend in winter….

December 17, 2013


i think the perpetual sunshine here in southern california has marred our already balmy brains.

last week, we had a slight change in weather, known to the rest of the country as this thing called “winter,” and us angelenos responded with a chicken-little like panic, waving our mittened hands in the air, yelping out “it’s in the 60′s! it’s in the 60′s! it’s in the 60′s.”

i heard fema had to come in with disaster relief; mainly in the form of cashmere pashminas, ugg boots, and caramel salted lattés.

 meanwhile this weekend, in utah, where i was playing my most mannerly “bosses wife” part, it was a toasty 13 degrees.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

camel coats and long-johns were de rigueur.


and i was faced with the hard, cold truth, that as much as i love my riding boots, they’re not snow boots;

nor are they really for riding either….

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

pomegranate bellinis coaxed out the merry in my frost-bitten, bah-humbug soul.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

and we of course made a stop to atticus’ book shop in park city; my only must-see of the granite state.

old, new, and rare, atticus stocks books that get you to linger for hours.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

and they’re vast and creative espresso bar, think red velvet lattés + cookies and cream mochas, also lends to dawdling amongst shelves lined with limited edition david foster wallace and vintage cooking books.

{btw did you see jason segel will portral DFW in the upcoming film, the end of tour, a biopic chronicling DFW’s book tour for infinite jest.}


i spent more time in the tub than i did exploring our funky hotel.

this was the only spot where i wasn’t freezing my woolen socks off; in fact i tried to get hunkiest’s christmas party moved to our bathroom so i could stay warm and still participate in the merriment, but he wasn’t having it.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

why so fancy you ask?

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

some people dress up for parties, some dress up for the theater, i dress up for cheese plates.

this showpiece of stinky, artisanal happiness rocked my salt lake city world!

pago, a farm-to fresh, local+ sustainable sourced restaurant, located in a dreamy, early 20th century, brick building, delivered a rapturous, hands up in the air-inducing cheese plate. with one yummy combo bite of beehive’s salty promontory, a smidge of fresh blackberry jam, and topped with their homemade walnut/mustard sweet compote, i was ready to myself to the nearest mormon temple for utah conversion.

and as much as i complained about utah’s arctic weather, this 80 degree-plus hoo-haa we’ve got going on right now in southern california is a bit ridiculous…much like us californians…

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shut the frige: melissa mcardle

December 12, 2013


there just isn’t enough room on the this web, of worldwide reach, for me to properly convey my adoration, love, and, ok i’ll admit it, obsession over today’s guest editor.

the most rewarding part of blogging is the friendships i make. too often the relationships created amongst bloggers are confined to the comment section. and there is only so much one can convey with punctuation {!?!?!?,} bold font, and CAPITAL LETTERS; trust me, i’ve tried. 

now and again, like when rainbows double in the sky, i get to actually meet, touch, and breathe in these souls, and sometimes we even polish off a bottle of wine.

such is the case with melissa; mel to all of us who love her.

i found mel through her hypnotic blog, reverie~daydream. it was love at first post. mel has created a world for her family {the FIRST mcdreamy + adorable gaia, aka crumb,} where simple, beautiful living is the law of the land.

we lucky readers get to escape into a softer, gentler, dignified place where homemade reigns supreme, art can be found in the bottom of a teacup, and you’re only as happy as your nearest farmstand.

i can get lost for hours in mel’s dreamy images and lulling words; she truly is living a reverie~daydream.

thank you sweet mel for sharing a little of your life with us. love you.

reverie-daydream yoga


When my favorite girl, Katie, asked me to share what’s inside my refrigerator, I giggled to myself because really, who cares what I eat? But then I will do anything for Ms. Osumi, so with a full belly and happy heart, I gladly accepted and enjoyed this little voyeuristic journey into our fridge.

 You are what you eat. I believe this with all my heart. By no means am I a purist when it comes to food, but I do make eating healthy the number one priority in my little family’s world.

 Every time I open our refrigerator, I feel blessed. There is always something inside to fill our bellies and satiate our hunger, and this is something I never take for granted.


We eat a lot of organic eggs, a daily habit I do not intend to break. Believe it or not, I’ve been known to farm sit just for the joy of daily collecting and eating fresh eggs.  Those little spheres of goodness are packed full of incredible nutrition. If you are a guest in our home, you can pretty much guarantee an egg, in some form or another, will be added to the meal. Whether it’s a bowl of quinoa with beans and an over medium-egg atop, a salad with hard-boiled eggs, or just an easy egg-salad tossed with raw kale, eggs might just be the shining star of our fridge.


Homemade chicken stock is always at the ready on the top shelf (or in the freezer). Especially during autumn and winter, I make sure we have what my great-grandmother always referred to as “nature’s penicillin”.  Chicken broth goes into risotto, soups, grains and more. Most days, I find myself stirring in an egg as the ‘brodo’ boils, adding fresh parsley and black pepper, and voila!, a favorite meal. And let’s not allow the chicken to go to waste…toss into salads, add to grains, or have a fun taco night.


Every morning, I add a little SuperFood boost to my sweet girl’s cranberry/orange juice. I’ve never been a huge breakfast eater, but I do need to eat before I start my yoga practice.   A slice of toast with almond, peanut or sunflower butter and sliced banana seems to do the trick until I am finished teaching and can fill my belly with eggs and/or quinoa.



The shelves and drawers of the fridge cannot be filled enough with fruits and vegetables! My little girl is addicted to cucumber and carrots, and her papa and I cannot get enough kale and brussel sprouts.  Avocados never linger too long in our house until they most likely find themselves in this salad, and any loose greens can be found in our staple winter soup.  And even browning, seen their better days, bananas are saved for a delicious comfort food treat, or to add to a morning smoothie.


My family of three subscribes to the old adage of an apple a day, keeps the doctor away. As well as the daily probiotic dose from our yogurt, each of us has a different taste for yogurt, so greek, goat and indulgent European style creamery yogurt are waiting patiently for any fruit or granola accouterments.


 Coconut Oil is possibly my magic go-to item for everything…cooking, baking, skin and hair! I love it. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar, olive oil mayo,  Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, fresh-brewed black ice tea, sparkling water and seasonal fruit juices and local brewed artisanal beers are standard declicious accessories  which add colorful delight to the interior fridge doors.


Raw dates are a staple food on the shelves. Whether I am filling one with almond butter for a quick snack, warming in a pan of olive oil and adding olives and sea salt, tossing into grains, using as key ingredient for raw desserts, or making these little power balls for myself and yoga students, dates are never out of my daily ingestion loop.


And let’s talk kombucha. My husband and I love it, in fact, I believe he has more of a love affair for it than I do. Most of our favorites are local brews that can be found at the farmers market or health food store. My goal for 2014 is to brew our own, so by putting that out there, I can hold myself to this task. Fingers-crossed.


And last by not least, the grand finale so to speak, every good girl should have an at-the-ready bottle of bubbly chilled for those unexpected celebratory moments as well as mama’s own little juice box of bubbly stocked and at the ready, merci beaucoup Sofia Coppola for this brilliant offering to the sparkling wine world!

Food makes me happy. My entire day revolves around what my family and I eat, and I thank my lucky stars every. single. day. for being able to live in a place which offers seasonal, organic and an amazing abundance of delicious, healthy foods. I am blessed, fully.

When it comes to food, as with most things in life, simple is best. Alice Waters sums up the beauty of how food/cooking should be honored in our daily lives:

1. Cook Together

2. Eat Together

3. Cook Simply, engaging all your senses.

4. Remember, food is precious

Healthy, simple food is a connection to so many things…it brings families and friends together, it can heal, it can energize, it can comfort, and it sustains and gives life.  Eat well, be well.

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fashion crime: a sequel…

December 11, 2013


don’t let her tufts of flaxen and inky black, {and always beguiling} eyes ensnare and fool you.

this is what a criminal looks like.

and she knows it.

remember monday’s post where i confessed my mad, bordering on psychotic love for my new iris & ink sweater?

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

apparently i’m not the only one who wanted in on the cozy, cashmere wool goodness.

yesterday morning the house was a bit too quiet for my fancy; no shelves collapsing, no tag around the christmas tree, and it had been hours since i heard a bark, howl or other bronx cheer at the neighborhood dogs and cats that brave to walk past our front windows.

instead i found my girl, quietly, ravaging my new sweater.


we’ve been at this carnival before.

her first criminal fashion caper involved another beloved sweater.

there was the time she tried to do her own laundry.

 then there was my favorite pillow.

who could forget the reese’s peanut butter cup debacle.

and, of course, my favorite her messiest: the nuts.


jones, mortified with his sister’s naughty behavior, did his best to console me as we surveyed the damage.

i’m all for a chichi broach, but not even the gaudiest of rhinestones will be able to cover up that fissure.

{notice the wicked assailant observing in the background.}


here you see me trying to look for new ways to wear my double sleeved, yet sleeveless new look.

and if you look closely in the background, my not-so-clever outlaw left remnants and evidence of another caper; this time it involved athletic wear and a sock.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

the disappointment is palpable in the house.

my little gangster is feeling the shame; she’s taken to bed and refuses any visitors.

we’re hoping her remorse lasts, at least, until the christmas gifts under the tree have been delivered and opened.

wishing you a crime-free wednesday m’loves.


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holiday relief

December 10, 2013


got peppermint oil?

last week i was saw a chiropractor for the first time in over a decade.

the appointment was fine enough; my contrary and argumentative brain, which i luckily don’t allow to speak most of the time, silently debated much of the efficacy of the chiropractic process and claim.

when it was time for my adjustment the doctor adjusted me more with massage and trigger point therapy rather than the usual “pop” “crack.”

sure the massage felt great, but the peppermint oil she used gave me the most significant, instantaneous relief.

in less than two minutes i was a new person, with a new, non-combative brain, a heart less closed off, and a body emerging from holiday stress.

i’ve since purchased my own bottle of peppermint oil, and it’s become my new must-have everyday item.

peppermint oil cures and alleviates so many of our modern-day body and mind predicaments; the list is too long to catalog, but here are the most popular and effective uses for this powerhouse herb:

  • peppermint oil is a dynamic weapon for anyone fighting digestion problems. it’s cooling properties soothe digestion. one can either drink it as a tonic, or actually apply it on their abdomen for instant, holistic relief.
  • inhaling the scent or massaging the wrists, with a drop or two, soothes motion sickness and general nausea.
  • people who suffer from stress, depression, and general mental exhaustion notice a reprieve in their anguish with the cooling and refreshing essence of peppermint.
  • i suffer from major anxiety. peppermint oil curtails and alleviates much of my distress with just a few sprinkles of it in my daily bath.
  • i’m always looking for an alternative to my mid-morning, mid-afternoon, afternoon, late-afternoon, early evening, and post-dinner coffee klatch. peppermint oil’s energizing properties can sometimes be alternative pick-me-up. i’ve been using wow drops for years to give me a little, extra pep; these drops are also a god-send for us instructors whose throats get dry and sore.

do you use this miracle essential oil too?

what are your remedies and practices for peppermint oil?

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street…er…suburb stye.

December 9, 2013


as much as i am a slave to the fashion glossies and street style blogs, i still have to face the facts that my runway consists of the catwalk from my prius to the whole foods entrance.

alas, stilettos and head-to-toe carolina herrera don’t make for a practical grocery shopping experience.

but i refuse to succumb to the token orange county lululemon {practically an expletive these days} workout attire; save for when i AM actually working or working out, and you still won’t find my cold, stiff, dead body in lululemon!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.01.40 AM

my casual “look” of late is still sporty, but proper enough so that i’m not thrown out of church. and when i say church, i mean south coast plaza.

i’ve been loving this slouch jacket from organic by john patrick . i’ve written before about my deep affection for all jeans boyfriend-fit; these 6397 denim representations are no exception.

rag & bone tee’s are pricey, but they’re so soft, and the cut is perfection.

these new balance retro sneakers go with me everywhere.

and for a splurge i’ve put this givenchy handbag and these audrey sunglasses on my list for santa.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.29.55 AM

for evening i’ve been living in the above ensemble.

my love affair with this iris & ink stripped sweater takes me from fancy-nancy soireés to date night with my hunkiest.

these vince tuxedo jogging pants {first seen here,} are the most comfortable and versatile dressy pant i’ve ever worn.

add a strappy sandal, little red for the holiday spirit, and a cozy {it has sparkles too!} for the head and ears..yer all set.

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.36.59 AM

for christmas this year i’m hoping to wear my new lucy silk jumpsuit from diane von furstenberg. again, this year my theme seems to be “comfort first,” and this satin-feeling get-up fits the bill.

a little greengold, & some non-headache producing bubbles, and i’m good to go…

merry! merry! m’loves.

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the monday morning trifecta

December 2, 2013

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

monday morning skies of blue to you m’loves.

it’s already a full-plate, hustle of a morning.

a quick “hello” to you, wishing you a week of cyber monday savings, sea-salt and caramel double-dates, and bluegrass + juniper scented kitchens.

if you’re not in the holiday spirit i recommend this a capella rendition of “the little drummer boy;” it has me decking the halls and hunting for hung mistletoe {hope your lips aren’t chapped.}

my polished nails, color courtesy of mary jo matsumoto are also aiding and abetting my inner christmas sprite.

how are you handling the pre-christmas frenzy?

merry, merry m’loves.

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