make-over monday

October 21, 2013

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monday happy to you m’loves!

i hope saturday and sunday provided hours of loving hard, laughing plenty, and resting good.

this weekend, for me, was all about getting my “girl” on.

i wore skirts, flirted with boys boy, and was made fancy by the prettiest in the business.

afterlight (51)

my love, the original and first girl crush, misha nesselrod, makeup artist par excellence and the eyebrow guru of southern california, asked to practice and play at her salon, holiday, THE headquarters for cutting edge make-up and hair.

misha is perfecting the technique known as underpainting, a style developed by celebrity make-up artist, scott barnes who recently taught her this type of make-up application.

i popped out of my khakis at the chance to have misha transform me. such a treat….i even braved a make-up free, scary “selfie” to show my metamorphosis.


the first step in the process is milk of magnesia face.

{i know you’re all dying to make a tasteless crude comment here–go forth, we were dirty whores too.}

but really, misha sponged my entire mug with this white, gooey slop that immediately erases wrinkles, jowls, and anything else one would like to tighten…i swiped the bottle from her and have been wearing it on my inner thighs all weekend long.


next, misha “paints” on color and non-color to make me look stupid highlight and low-light my different features; the white cream lightens the face and eyes, and the dark stripes enhance cheekbones.

this is what misha calls the lion king phase. in fact post-stripe application, the entire salon broke out into african chant, as misha hoisted me up in the air for all to see….they even filmed it….

i must admit there was a tiny, mishcievous part of me that wanted to keep my face like this until halloween. my kim kardashian fantasy fulfilled….but i had dinner plans with civilized friends later that evening.

afterlight (47)

all smiles here.

misha has blended my “circle of life” face into a freckle free younger version of the old, tired hag i still am from the neck down.


some glamorous eyes and a little gloss, and i was good to go to the vanity fair oscar party.

yes, in that sweater.


back home it was smiles and kisses all around.

hunkiest, who prefers me more make-up free, actually had to admit he dug the glossier version of his wife who came home.

but the most important approval came from the beasts; they were wild for their new babysitter, and gave approving kisses all over my contoured face.

thank you misha. i love you to death.

if you would like misha to work her magic on you, run don’t walk to the phone and book an appointment. she also gives great make-up lessons, you bring in all of your cosmetics and she shows you how and which ones will give you the best look.

have a glamorous day m’loves.

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it’s friday, i’m in love….

October 18, 2013


hello shiny, happy people!

welcome to another addition of “friday i’m in love,” where i share with you the little and BIG things making my heart go pitter-patter.

afterlight (29)

 we all know i’m a sucker for a handwritten note, even on a post-it…my beloved friend, john perasco, not only wrote me a note, but included a present with it! {competitive much john?}

PicFrame (1)

let me introduce my new favorite cosmetic: diamond dog moondust from urban decay. you all know what an urban decay fan i am….but i’m sending flowers and getting matching tattoos with this eyeshadow.

it makes for the best smoky eye. so often kohl liner or felt tip pin eyeliner end up on my cheeks and chin, they’re so short-lasting. these urban decay shadows have superglue staying power and give you a non-stripper like sparkle.

afterlight (27)

this rvca shawl goes everywhere with me; it’s the perfect transition piece in this wonky, bi-polar weather we’ve been having here in southern california.

over jeans, over a dress, or my workout gear {those studios are always TOO cold,} this shawl matches everything and keeps me warm.


our new house phone.

can’t we all agree that, yes technology is lovely, and most of us would rather go to work naked than leave the house without our smartphones, but sometimes newer is not necessarily better.

i have never met a cordless phone i’ve liked, let alone wanted to talk on.

and even though i’m not much of a phone talker, this new purchase {on ebay} makes me want to cuddle up for hours on my bed, where i simultaneously pop bubble gum, twirl this cord of turquoise, and listen in silence to the new cyndi lauper album with my best friend on the other end


i know i already instagrammed this on wednesday, but i can’t emphasize enough how back-flip crazy i am for these numi organic savory teas.

flavors of carrot curry, spinach chive, and tomato mint deliver a delicious, “savory,” green tea experience.

this is the first beverage to give my late morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, early evening coffee, and middle of the night coffee klutches a run.

like fellow blogger estelle pointed out, these are hard to find in the markets, but i threw an order into amazon and found them cheap, with more variety in flavors.

weekend happy to you m’loves; wishing you days of doubled-over laughter, hugs that linger, and smiles that follow you as your head hits the pillow.

see you on the other side of sunday.



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i KNEW it!!!

October 17, 2013


so after 37 strung out, trick-turning years, feeling completely defenseless against all things chocolate sandwiched, science has validated my enslavement to nabisco:

oreos are as addictive as cocaine to your brain!


no longer will i feel ashamed about my nights out clubbing, scurrying away to the ladies room with a razor blade and my old “ace of base” cd where i grind said oreos down to a mind-blowing, nap-inducing, pant-stretching powder.


farewell to freebasing in shame on 17th street with the rest of my tweaker friends {fyi i had to look up the proper spelling of “tweaker,”} i will binge on the rich, tasty filling with pride and abandonment.

will i have to show my i.d though when buying my crunchy, creamy stash at the market; like when i need sudafed for my “cold.”

although i like my oreos straight up, undiluted and pure i thought i’d share some of the most interesting ways other users mainline their fix.


starting the day with a jolt is mighty important. these pancakes look as if they will do a proper job sending a rush of serotonin to my hungry and addicted receptors.

c1dd10b55cf5984f18e8f1a9bb5b3c8fmove over cannabis brownies, there’s a new cartel in town; these babies use crack  oreos to turn your mediocre dinner party into a dunkin hines rager.


sorry john belushi, but this is what speedballs look like in our hood.

let’s party.

tell me m’loves what’s your favorite way to get your fix in?

and if you need me in the next six months, i’ll be checked in at the betty crocker center for oreo addiction.


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hurry up with my damn croissants!

October 16, 2013


soak in the swagger, blind us with your light, let haters choke on your moxie.

eat this wednesday for breakfast m’loves.

{but still be sweet, ok?}




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falling into fall fashion……

October 15, 2013


my style is of a preppy, new england co-ed, live and die for the corduroy and tweed sandwich-ilk.

there’s something about fall though that ups the ante on my argyle addiction and sweater vest ways.

elbow patched sweaters with penny loafers are as obligatory as the new scandal season and homemade chili on sunday nights.

 do you have any fall fashionable favorites putting the whipped cream on your pumpkin spice lattés?

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in beauty and health….

October 14, 2013


with a mission to “educate families about the need for safer chemicals and products, and work to bring about much-needed change to the beauty industry—and to our lives,” the beauty counter provides products and information to enhance toxin-free living.

this week they’ve made it even more convenient for us to avoid nasty chemicals in our cosmetics and other products used in the home. chemicals and toxins such as Bisphenol A, a hormone disruptor found in eye shadows, hair gels, the aluminum lining of cans and some plastics. or Retinyl palmitate, a nutrient that may damage DNA and speed the growth of skin tumors when used topically; found in moisturizer & anti-aging skincare.

YouTube Preview Image

this video shares the successful and convincing story of the beauty counter. it immediately got me to the environmental working group page where i can check the safety of the products and cosmetics i use on a daily basis.

afterlight (33)

i’ll admit it IS sometimes a pain to look up every single product.

but now the beauty counter provides the perfect printable pdf of nine duplicate “cheat sheets” of the never list {the list of products you NEVER want to apply to your skin.}


one goes in your wallet, one goes in your desk, one in your car with your grocery bags, or like me, tacked smack in the middle of my eye line, when i make most of my online shopping purchases.

you, now, never have the excuse to buy toxic products.

wishing a healthy monday to you m’loves.

let’s get social!







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drinking the cool-aid

October 10, 2013

afterlight (32)

i’ve mentioned it before; i am gaga for tumeric, that sweet, but cheeky indian spice that is touted as the new super food spice.

tumeric, a cousin to the ginger family, is known to decrease inflammation both inside and outside the body. doctors have found this super spice actually blocks some cancers in the neck and head, inhibits melanoma and the spread of breast cancer to the lungs, and fights the free radicals of all cancer cells in general.

researchers also believe the low instance of alzheimer’s disease in certain parts of india is attributed to the regular consumption of this anti-inflammatory super hero.


peppery with a hint of mustard, tumeric is delicious on all vegetables, meats {if you eat them,} and my favorite: scrambled eggs.

my favorite ritual wellness juice is the spicy greens with tumeric, -at least twice a week i chug this blend of sweet and tangy.

recently i decided to formulate my own tumeric-ade, and i can’t guzzle them down fast enough; it’s perfect for the girl who hates to drink plain water.

friends and students have been asking me about this new orange cooler so i’m sharing my homemade recipe for my tonic o’tumeric.


just like cassie, i’m obsessed with the prettiness of voss water bottles.

this IS my eco-water bottle. i’ve had it for over a year now, and it’s the only one i don’t lose.

it’s the perfect size and seals tight; even after round and round in the dishwasher.

afterlight (30)

first i sprinkle in around a teaspoon or more of tumeric. i LOVE the taste so, for me, the more spice the better.

if you’re not a curry or cumin fan you may want to add less.


next i squeeze an organic lime or two; getting all of the juice out. i recommend using a lemon reamer. the more lime juice you use, the less tumeric taste.

afterlight (20)

it makes for a mighty strong concentrate, it looks pretty if you ask me.


fill it to the top with water {filtered preferably,} and boom! you’ve got yourself one hell of a healthy cocktail!

bottoms up!

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shut the fridge!

October 9, 2013

welcome to the latest installment of “shut the fridge,” where our favorites let us glimpse inside their eating world.
i am cuckoo-clock crazy for today’s guest.
i’ve been trying to get my beautiful friend, cassie piasecki, on GNI since i first started this gig.
every second with cassie is an inspiration. she is an entrepreneur, writer, fitness fiend {soon to be whipping all of our bottoms in both her spin and pilates classes,} she is an exquisite mother, adoring wife, and one of the most fantastic friends to have.
if cassie ever created her own talk-show, i’d be the first one to DVR every episode. she always has oodles of important information, not just opinions, on everything from starting one’s own business to raising a daughter in newport beach.
and she’s ALWAYS dressed like she just stepped off the most recent street style pages.
here’s a look inside this fabulous girl’s fridge:
cassie (1 of 1)
In the Piasecki Household we are in a state of transition and a busy travel month.  My one and only child just left for college, leaving me to cook for just myself and the hubs.  After a summer of  ”let’s eat at home to save money as much as we can” for the three of us, this is quite a departure.  Especially because the hubs is traveling three days out of the week every week for September and October.  Long story short…I’m not buying OR cooking much.  It’s basically ME.
freezer (1 of 1)
I’m going to start at the top and that’s my freezer.  I’m a plan ahead kind of girl.  I usually spend Sunday in the kitchen baking blueberry muffins or banana bread for the hub’s breakfast, making a soup for the first couple of days of the week and usually a pot of chili, spaghetti sauce or stew that I can freeze in individual size portions for weeknight dinners.  Because I don’t eat meat and the hubs was brought up on boarding school “slop food” we usually eat different things for dinner.  I’m not a big “lady who lunches” kind of gal.  I dig an Amy’s bean and rice burrito or a Trader Joe’s pizza (Hello! They are made in Italy!!) midday. The Klondikes are obviously for the person who doesn’t  wear workout clothes most days of the week.
yogurt (1 of 1)
Yogurt is big in our house for breakfast.  I eat the Fage with berries and hemp seed sprinkled on it and the Noosa is my special treat.  A few spoonfuls are the perfect late-afternoon pick me up before a cycle class.  We totally eat a lot of butter, too.  I feel if you are going to splurge on something that is high calorie or high fat, make it the best it can be.  Straus Creamery is the bomb!  Have you tried their eggnog?  It’s coming!!!  I love fizzy water and the Voss bottles are so pretty.  Hubs loves a Pellegrino soda every now and then.  Costco sells them in a big pack so it seems like we have a lot of them now.  Oh and that orange?? That is for Mandy, our blind Bichon Frise.  My hubs is convinced that she needs a slice of orange everyday to keep her healthy.  He forces me to give it to her even when he travels.
 topshelgf (1 of 1)
A few of my fave things ready for the week…jicama, roasted Delicata squash, Majestic sprouted hummus and my lemon pie Coco-Roons.
door (1 of 1)
I love my seeds!  This summer I got really into Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook, “It’s All Good” and a lot of her recipes use flax seeds, almond butter and brown rice syrup (well, the desserts do!) so I always seem to have those on hand.  I like to add the cacao nibs to granola that I make at home.  And, I love Justin’s peanut butter cups.
spices (1 of 1)
I know this isn’t IN my fridge but I became obsessed with these spices this summer and I had to share.  Cinnamon goes on all of my yogurt.  Lemon Pepper…where have you been all of my life?  It goes on just about everything that doesn’t get cinnamon.  The Savory Spice Shop in Corona del Mar is awesome because you can try small amounts of things you wouldn’t normally use.  Not that these two are anything unusual but I sprinkle red pepper flakes on pizza and the fine white pepper?  SO yummy on steamed rice and vegetables.
magnets (1 of 1)
Only people who actually come in my house would ever see this but I collect fridge magnets.  BUT, there is a catch!  It can’t be just any magnet.  I have to get the magnet myself, you can’t bring me one AND I have to get it for free.   Each one means something only to me.  They captured a time of my life (the kid dentist), a trip (a funky pizza joint in Colorado) or even businesses that have now closed (my fave scrapbook shop).  They cover much of the real estate on my fridge.  Silly but cool.
I have to thank Katie because I learned a lot from this exercise.  I learned that I need to add some variety into my eating!  As much as I love my berries, I’m excited for the change in seasons and the fall fruits and vegetables.  I just signed up for the South Coast Farms CSA baskets through Villa Pilates and Yoga.  My soups and stews will be chock full of organic goodness.
I don’t have a cool quote about food to close my entry here on Miss Katie’s blog.  I will share two of my food rules.  I really don’t eat after 7pm and abs are made in the kitchen.

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and just like clock-work…..

October 8, 2013


and just like clock work i have my first, full-blown, fall head-cold.


i can’t remember an october where i wasn’t mainlining nyquil and keeping the kleenex executives’ kids in ivy leagues.


 my sick is an autumnal rite of passage; just as seasonal as a pumpkin patch or pear cobbler.


although with temperatures in the 90′s this past week i’ve opted for a more chilled version of my usual, favorite: the pumpkin spice latté.


and it’s no wives’ tale ….ever since i started to have an occasional glass of wine or two again, i’ve noticed a gargantuan difference in how my body looks and feels.

i blame booze for my illin’.

i definitely prefer my sobriety to my chub rub; for me there IS no either or….


so i’m back on my sparkling mineral water. gerolsteiner is my favorite. it has one of the highest mineral contents of all of the waters on the market.

trader joes sells gerolsteiner for the lowest price.

the bubble buzz is better than any tequila sunrise high because i don’t have the headache, stomach ache, and stupid mouth that i always get from cocktails and the like.

healthy, happy tuesday to you m’loves.

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it’s friday…i’m in love….

October 4, 2013


happy friday indeed!

last week i wrote that sweet, simple love notes from friends, even when they are on post-its, make me silly happy. my beloved janet took my words to heart, and her words of wisdom have brightened my week every time i’m at my bathroom sink.

here are a few of the other friday gems, i am falling madly in love with:


at coffee, my always-in-the-know friend, mary jo matsumoto, gifted me a bag of non-toxic, vanilla bean scented, hair luxury. mary jo is all about the surprise, non-occasion gifts….

original mineral‘s mantra reads: ”healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress. reduce the chemical overload.”

and that’s exactly what they’ve created: chemical and toxin-free products that are gentle and effective.

my less than pampered tresses are now fountain of youth hydrated and giddy with bounce. i immediately noticed a difference in the feel and look of my hair from using original mineral all week.

the seven-day miracle and original detox are my new must-haves.


speaking of mary jo and all her fabulosity… week, on thursday, october 10th from 11am-3pm, she will be having a trunk show at laguna supply, here in laguna beach.

this is not to be missed. mary jo’s fall bags are receiving major rave reviews.

i’ve been in deep smit with mjm bags since the first time i laid eyes on one of her to-die-for clutches, i literally carry my “cloudy with a chance of surf” clutch EVERYWHERE!

besides fall bag shopping this trunk show is a great opportunity to give the girls at laguna supply a “hello.”  i hear their stock of isabel marant is tears of joy inducing.

afterlight (19)

i am absolutely loving that my trader joe’s calla lilies are now going on 2 weeks. they cost $6.99 a bunch {photo shows one half a bunch,} and come in the prettiest shades of plum, pink, and creamy white.

these milk-bottled bouquets currently punctuate every room in the house; softening and pleasing the mood of all of us nearby. yes, even the beasts.


so i’m attempting the october unprocessed challenge posed by the blog, “eating rules.”

the rules are simple: no processed foods for the whole month of october.

i like to kid myself that just because i’m eating organic, non-GMO foods, i am a healthy eater.


that organic salad dressing, tomato sauce, & vegan vegetable soup were processed somewhere at a factory with ingredients, albeit organic, that help preserve the life and enhance the taste of said product on the shelf.

in no way do i expect to ace this challenge, i can’t remember the last time i saw an ice cream tree? but i am trying to commit as close as i can.

last night we ate the tastiest roasted broccoli.

yes, that i even cooked myself?!?! pigs were flying all throughout my kitchen.

just broccoli, olive oil, chopped shallots, and sea salt {all organic} in the oven for 30 minutes.

delicious and super easy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.10.50 AM

and finally i am in hopelessly devoted, in love with jessica husami and coast magazine for the supremely generous and flattering write-up in their current, october issue, where i am named as one of orange county’s “hidden gems.”

i have been in a constant state of blush. thank you so much for your sweet talk.

so tell me kittens; what are you currently loving on this first, fine friday in october?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

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