sweat for karma

November 20, 2013


tonight i am sweating for karma at villa pilates and yoga.

brought together by infused fitness who is founded on the belief that “the value of a healthy community can inspire a multitude of happy lives.”

i’m hoping with a combination of pilates, yoga, barre-work, and a dash of silly, we can infuse a little more play and kindness into our own lives; and share this positivity with those outside the studio walls.


my coreplay® classes are built on the philosophy that “playtime” should be taken very seriously. sure we sweat, burn and toil, but all under the guise of finding bliss in our burn and smiles through our sweat.


this is a donation class where all of the money will be put toward infusing fitness and nutrition into low-income areas for families and children.


i hope to see you there…class starts at 6:15pm.

love always, katie

tuesday typical

November 12, 2013



 tuesday kisses to you m’loves.

it’s only tuesday, but i swear i’ve lived, at least, four days in the course of the last 24 hours.

nothing new, special, or typically harrowing, but usually where my tendency is to break out into spontaneous, mostly inappropriate, in-public dance; i’ve found a random, yet very necessary unplanned child’s pose is my latest impulse.


due to time constraints and self-imposed over-commitment my soaks are shorter.

but the precious time i do have underwater have been spent immersed in kneipp herbal 0ils.

each of their 10 herbal baths offer a different, but each experience precious.

 i’m actually typing this post steeped in the “enjoy life bath;” a concoction of smile inducing lemon balm, may chang {a citrus essential oil known to promote mental calm–i’m ordering it by the van-load,} and geranium.


post-bath i’m off to love on my second family; my students, my friends, my tribe.

once that clock rings 6am, our spinparty commences.

we ride hard, we ride true, and have an illegally amount of fun

next is on to the mat and barre for a lil’ up an inch, down an inch.


this time of year, as my favorite honey crisp apples move out of season, my cravings and dependence on seasonal grapefruit peaks.

i think the grapefruit is one of the best opportunities to fully experience the yin and yang of sweet and tart.

did you know that grapefruits are great for fat-loss?

my alexei recently gifted me a bag from her most recent farmers’ market visit.

the better taste of farmers’ market produce is undeniable,and the difference in freshness is amazing.


with the time change comes earlier, sofa cuddle time.

hunkiest and i LOVE our time on the couch crushing T.V.

besides the obvious homeland, we are digging showtime’s “masters of sex” and of course, to keep it classy, “the shahs of sunset.”

anything we’re missing that needs to be dvr’d?

 tuesday happy to you m’loves….

it’s friday…i’m in love….

October 4, 2013


happy friday indeed!

last week i wrote that sweet, simple love notes from friends, even when they are on post-its, make me silly happy. my beloved janet took my words to heart, and her words of wisdom have brightened my week every time i’m at my bathroom sink.

here are a few of the other friday gems, i am falling madly in love with:


at coffee, my always-in-the-know friend, mary jo matsumoto, gifted me a bag of non-toxic, vanilla bean scented, hair luxury. mary jo is all about the surprise, non-occasion gifts….

original mineral‘s mantra reads: “healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress. reduce the chemical overload.”

and that’s exactly what they’ve created: chemical and toxin-free products that are gentle and effective.

my less than pampered tresses are now fountain of youth hydrated and giddy with bounce. i immediately noticed a difference in the feel and look of my hair from using original mineral all week.

the seven-day miracle and original detox are my new must-haves.


speaking of mary jo and all her fabulosity… week, on thursday, october 10th from 11am-3pm, she will be having a trunk show at laguna supply, here in laguna beach.

this is not to be missed. mary jo’s fall bags are receiving major rave reviews.

i’ve been in deep smit with mjm bags since the first time i laid eyes on one of her to-die-for clutches, i literally carry my “cloudy with a chance of surf” clutch EVERYWHERE!

besides fall bag shopping this trunk show is a great opportunity to give the girls at laguna supply a “hello.”  i hear their stock of isabel marant is tears of joy inducing.

afterlight (19)

i am absolutely loving that my trader joe’s calla lilies are now going on 2 weeks. they cost $6.99 a bunch {photo shows one half a bunch,} and come in the prettiest shades of plum, pink, and creamy white.

these milk-bottled bouquets currently punctuate every room in the house; softening and pleasing the mood of all of us nearby. yes, even the beasts.


so i’m attempting the october unprocessed challenge posed by the blog, “eating rules.”

the rules are simple: no processed foods for the whole month of october.

i like to kid myself that just because i’m eating organic, non-GMO foods, i am a healthy eater.


that organic salad dressing, tomato sauce, & vegan vegetable soup were processed somewhere at a factory with ingredients, albeit organic, that help preserve the life and enhance the taste of said product on the shelf.

in no way do i expect to ace this challenge, i can’t remember the last time i saw an ice cream tree? but i am trying to commit as close as i can.

last night we ate the tastiest roasted broccoli.

yes, that i even cooked myself?!?! pigs were flying all throughout my kitchen.

just broccoli, olive oil, chopped shallots, and sea salt {all organic} in the oven for 30 minutes.

delicious and super easy.

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 5.10.50 AM

and finally i am in hopelessly devoted, in love with jessica husami and coast magazine for the supremely generous and flattering write-up in their current, october issue, where i am named as one of orange county’s “hidden gems.”

i have been in a constant state of blush. thank you so much for your sweet talk.

so tell me kittens; what are you currently loving on this first, fine friday in october?

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

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