it’s friday i’m in love…

July 18, 2014


shiny, happy, friday to you my doll-babies!

another week in the books, another year older for my most significant of others.

last night, alongside family from out-of-town, we celebrated with chocolate cake and mint gelato; hunkiest’s two most favorite foods.

the weekend foresees to be one, long spree of extolling the people i love; but first here are few of my friday favorite’s:


 i am digging jenny lewis’ new single “just one of the guys.”

her video with anne hathaway, kristen stewart, and brie larson {in and out of drag,} is a sweet, silly counterbalance to, a lyrically, melancholly song. jenny lewis wrote the song the night after her father died.

brie larson, a girl crush of mine since her days on the united states of tara, more than makes up and cancels out my involuntarily gag reactions to kristen stewart and anne hatha-vain, in this fun video.


those who have been to my house have seen my fanaticism:

i’m addicted to the color white.

in all of its shades, moods, and variances, white makes me happier than any other ‘color’ in the paint box.

finally someone else feels this same fancy; in an article for THE LINE, master colorist donald kaufman, who with his wife taffy dahl {what a name!!?}, works with top architects and designers to create over 104 variable shades of white, talks about the power and beauty of this often “un-romantic,” misunderstood color.

pardon me while i swoon.


this week i finished a great book, “ordinary grace” by william kent krueger; a coming of age story, about two young brothers during the summer of 1961, in a small town of minnesota, where death and loss are as common as the 90 degree heat. krueger’s message of grace, in both the young and the old, the tortured and the guilty, is one that has stayed with me for days and i know will linger on for months, maybe even years to come.


tomorrow i’m getting my photos taken with the famous samantha friedman jacoby; samantha takes insane fitness photos, and i’m so excited to work with this talented genius.

i’ve been living on a diet of cigarette’s and spin bikes.

{oh and chocolate cake with mint gelato}

in truth, it’s just been a week of less peanut/almond butters {my crack} and more cardio.

except for last night i’ve made an enormous version of this salad for dinner every night this week; no cheese {which is like water boarding for me,} this bibb lettuce/tarragon combination is delicious and crazy easy to make.

although saturday night, post photo shoot, all bets are off, and i’m face-planting into a baking dish of brown sugar and butter.

i’m making this nectarine and plum crisp with oatmeal streusel to negate all the cardio and clean eating i’ve committed to this week.


 wish me luck angel-babies.

here’s to sucking it in, high eyebrows, and photoshop.

cheers to making a weekend splash so big, you get everyone else to join in your pool party!

see you on the other side of sunday m’loves.

~images: helmut newton

don’t put another dime in the jukebox!

July 9, 2014


 shimmy-shimmy right, shimmy-shimmy left..

wednesday head-bop to you m’loves.

one week into july and i hope you’re jazz-hands-in-the-air enjoying it.

here are a few new tunes i’m currently double-fisting into my ears:

YouTube Preview Image

canadian artist and katy perry crush, allie x, has a new single, “bitch,” which is blowing up my walkman and spontaneously breaking out my solid gold dancer within.

my spinners will surely be finding their inner bitch come this weekend when i play it in class; we already know mine was never in question.

here’s a free download of the song from alli x’s soundcloud account.

happy head-flinging to all! YouTube Preview Image

i pretty much love everything from angus & julia stone; the newest single from this sibling-duo is no exception. it’s been all but four years since their last collaboration; an effort that almost didn’t happen.

not speaking, the brother and sister were well on their way to a permanent break-up if not for the music producer, rick rubin. this is an interesting little write up on how the band “got back together.

even the video breaks my heart a little…like the song, it’s a peppy & upbeat facade, but the underlying tone is so sad.

YouTube Preview Image

switching gears, back to “getting your sweat on”…gucci mane’s new album is pretty dope.

it’s the rappers fourth installment to his trap series.

the lyrics are nasty, x-rated, and terribly offensive; do NOT listen to the above link if you’re easily chafed by mysogynistic, un-pc “libretto.”

but if you like hip-hop and trap…it’s a great album.

if anyone can find me the clean verson of “top in the trash,” i’ll make you homemade strawberry shortcake.

YouTube Preview Image

and then there’s this….i mean a cat power/coldplay sandwich? is there anything more blissful for the ears? it’s like taking a cashmere q-tip and massaging my audio senses…

wish i was here” is the new single from zach braff’s new movie of the same title.

YouTube Preview Image

from the trailer alone, i can tell he’ll deliver another killer soundtrack just like he did with “garden state.”

the movie looks a little too hallmark for my taste, but i give him a A+ on music.

and there it is: my wednesday playlist…

happy listening m’loves.

friday i’m in love….

May 9, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

friday morning fabulous to you m’loves!

it’s been 7-plus days of spoil city, population: katie.

the birthday is officially over.

my cup runneth so over i had to dash out to ikea and buy a new set.

thank you all for the birthday love.

thirty-eight seems to have unpacked her bags, settled in, and taken three closet shelves.

already my body feels older, slower to heal from my workouts, less energetic, and more inclined to linger in the tub.


a gift of jasmine bath oil hasn’t helped to dampen the flames of this bathroom romance.

it’s one of the many of my friday love’s.


keeping focus with my feet, let’s move on to my new sandals:

of late i’ve been living in these bio sandals from zara.

they’re my asian answer to the birkenstock; super comfortable and normcore chic enough to get me passed the velvet rope at any party in silicon valley.


like the sunny, windy, capricious weather we’ve been having, i’m enjoying this silly, LIGHT{!}, fun, easy read by wilton barnhardt.

this past winter i felt like reading was so dark, heavy and hard.

i read with a bedside table crammed full of razor blades, ambien, and see’s candies for comfort.

i am ready to be entertained, and to not have to think….done + done….kind of like dating in my twenties.

YouTube Preview Image

 the kyogo remix of kyla la grange’s “cut your teeth” is blowing up my spotify account, and will be making an appearance on saturday’s playlist.

priscilla and i have dance-party approved its moody, sexy {why do i hate that word so much?} electro, london after-hours vibe.

another single from the yet released  “cut your teeth” album worth checking out is “knife;” another good one for spin class.


so take THAT friday!


mamma {katie} said knock you out!

wishing you a weekend of favorites and knock outs!

love to you my favorites, see you on the other side of sunday…

oh, and speaking of mammas….happy mother’s day mom!



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